Between fidget spinner bath bombs聽and Lush鈥檚 Halloween varieties (that sparkly pumpkin, though!), we thought we鈥檇 seen it all in the bath bomb department. As it turns out, we were very, very wrong.聽Mirai Clinical, a brand聽specializing in Japanese skin and body care products, has just introduced the equivalent of a weed bath bomb, and our tubby time will never be the same.

Handmade with all-natural ingredients, the de-stressing and deodorizing CBD Bath Bomb With Persimmon聽($8) aims to deliver all the same medical benefits of聽the cannabis compound known as CBD (cannabidiol), as it聽鈥渞elaxes your body and mind with pleasant essential oil鈥 of lime (we like the sound of that!) and 鈥渞educes all body odors鈥 with help from the Japanese persimmon.

As聽Refinery29pointed out, the bomb is perfectly legal, as industrial hemp with less than .3 percent of聽THC聽(tetrahydrocannabinol), 鈥渢he chemical responsible for most of marijuana鈥檚 psychological effect,鈥 is not against the law. Instead,聽the company put the plant鈥檚 non-psychoactive CBD聽compound to work聽in order to help relieve pain, inflammation,聽anxiety, and more.

Needless to say, the buzz surrounding these guys has sparked quite the buying frenzy 鈥 they鈥檙e currently sold out until mid-November, but you can sign up for notifications and a coupon for 10 percent off.

Happy soaking!

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(Photos via Mirai Clinical)聽