Whether you鈥檙e planning a Mother鈥檚 Day getaway, gearing up for a Netflix binge or getting started on a new creative project, that鈥檚 what weekends are for. When it comes to the latter, we鈥檝e totally got you covered, especially if it involves painting. Read on for eight ways to turn your painterly dreams into full-blown reality this weekend.


1. Jenna Rainey鈥檚 Watercolor Painting Online Class and Kit ($117): If you鈥檝e ever wanted to take up watercolor painting but haven鈥檛 been sure where to start, this class and kit combo is precisely what you need. It鈥檒l teach you all the basics and provide the essential materials for you to hit the ground running.


2. Brit + Co Watercolor Sketchbook Kit ($29): Once the watercolor bug has bitten you, it鈥檚 hard to turn back. Carry this sketchbook around with you for those random moments when inspiration strikes.

nail art

3. Brit + Co DIY Nail Art Kit ($44): Painting doesn鈥檛 only have to be on walls or canvas. Take your nail painting to the next level with this kit that gives you all that you need to up your nail art designs.

watercolor illustration

4. Meera Lee Patel鈥檚 Illustration With Watercolor Online Class and Kit ($58): For those with illustration-based interests in learning watercolor, this class and kit is just what you need. It鈥檒l teach you all about watercolor so you can craft your own beautiful illustrations.

dipped vases

5. Brit + Co Gold Dipped Vases Kit ($25): Another alternative painting project ahoy! If you really don鈥檛 want to hassle with brushes and all that, take the dip-dyed approach to painting with this vases kit.

acrylic painting

6. Courtney Pilgrim鈥檚 Acrylic Painting Online Class and Kit ($49): For volume and texture in your painted works, acrylic is the way to go. This class and kit is the fastest way to getting started on your acrylic painting career this weekend.

dipped candle holders

7. Brit + Co Color-Block Candle Holders Kit ($25): If you鈥檙e totally into the dip-dyed approach but vases aren鈥檛 your thing, here鈥檚 a candle holder option for you! Your tea lights will have never looked so good.

bird house

8. Seedling DIY Bird House ($30): Spring is in the air, and that means the birds are heading north again to look for a place to nest. Make that place your backyard with this paint-centered DIY bird house kit, and wake to soothing bird chirps every morning instead of your alarm.

What painting project are you going to tackle this weekend? Tell us about it on Twitter @BritandCo!