It’s been widely accepted for quite some time that the white t-shirt is the most versatile and wearable piece in any woman’s closet. But is that really true? I decided to put my resident lazy-girl fashion sense and journalism degree to good use and do some deep investigating by testing this theory for five days, to see if I could find a new way to restyle my plain white t-shirt each day. Was the investigation successful? Scroll down and find out.


1. Tuesday — Classic Jeans and Tee Look: I wanted to ease into my week with something simple, so I wore my white tee the best way I know how: with jeans. I threw on a silver cardigan and ballet flats to make it appropriate for T-shirt Tuesday at the office. This day was easy enough. I felt most comfortable on this day. Little did I know that day two would be a bit more challenging.


2. Wednesday ’90s-Style T-shirt Under Dress: Because I work in an office environment, it was a little harder to dress up my white t-shirt after T-shirt Tuesday. I channeled my inner ’90s girl (and also my days as an awkwardly “trendy” middle schooler) and put a dress over my t-shirt. I usually wear this dress to work sans white tee, but it made me feel a little avant-garde to wear it to the office in a way that was unexpected. Don’t worry; I did not wear the dirty white I-traveled-all-over-Europe-in-these Keds until after I left the office.


3. Thursday DIY Off-the-Shoulder: I’m a big fan of the off-the-shoulder trend (I think of it more as a movement). Thankfully, my t-shirt was just slouchy enough on the shoulders that I could pull it down and voila: a much cheaper, DIY version of the shoulder-baring style. Pairing it with a flowy maxi skirt kicked the boho vibes up a notch.


4. Friday Summer Day Look: Sometimes, my job lets me do cool things like go out on assignment to concerts or other local events where I need to blend in with the crowd, thus allowing me to dress more casually. I went with bright blue Madewell shorts and tried to create some distinction by knotting the t-shirt in front. It’s a pretty basic fix, but it made the ensemble look a bit more creative than before.


5. Saturday Night Out Look: Saturday blessed me with the freedom to take my white tee out on the town. I tucked it into some sparkly high-waisted shorts that had a casual but bar-worthy fit. You might recognize these Jack by BB Dakota shorts because Taylor Swift was sporting them a couple years ago. That didn’t (read: totally did) influence my decision to buy them.

So what’s the verdict? It’s definitely doable to fit the white t-shirt into a handful of different looks and outfits. Day two was a little Taylor-Swift-and-Nelly-duet-level cringey, but in my humble opinion, every human person should own one of these. They look good with pretty much everything, and they’re just oh-so comfy. I give you an A+, white tee.

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