Remember the days of tie dye and cut up tees at summer camp? We’ll we’ve stepped up our summer camp skills and are bringing you ten new ways to cut up tees and wear them through out summer.


One of the most important things to remember when cutting up T-shirts is to constantly try them on while cutting. You may think something is too short or wide on a table but once you put it on your body things change. Use you body to help mark how low you should cut the neckline and mark it with colored chalk. White tees are not the only tees that deserve this treatment. Scour your closet for old concert t-shirts that you never wear and give them a new look.


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Geometric Cut-Out

Geometry + fashion = yes please!


Tools + Materials:

– white t-shirt

– scissors


We’ll start you off easy — all you need is a tee and scissors!


Grab your scissors and cut off the neck, sleeves, and bottom seam. Fold the bottom half up about two inches and cut out triangle shapes. Unfold to reveal diamond cut-outs.


This tee pairs well with a high-waisted skirt or a body con dress. Play up the geometric vibe with a fun necklace.

Bare Shoulder Tee

We are updating the twisted tie tee with a little bare-shoulder action.


Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– scissors


Yes, scissors is all you will need for this tee.


Cut off the neckline and trim off the hems on the arm bands. Cut a half circle on each of the shoulder seams. Cut two long oval shapes on the bottom of the tee and then remove the back half. These ovals are your new ties and will cinch in your tee.


Safe to say you’ll never wear a basic white tee again. These cut outs are perfect for the hot summer months.

Twisted Back Tee

Just like a mullet — business in the front, party in the back.


Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– sewing machine

– scissors

– pins


For this hack, it’s time to bust out your sewing machine! Or borrow one from a friend :)


Cut off the neckline and the arm and bottom hems. Snip up the side seam, along the arm seam and across the shoulder seam until you reach the neck line. Then cut out large triangles on the top and bottom of the backside of the tee. Twist twice, pin back in place and then sew.


Twisted backs tees call for cute bandeaus and patterned leggings.

Buttoned-Up Tee

Buttons are a great way to add subtle flair to any garment.


Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– five buttons

– scissors

– needle and thread

– sewing machine


For this white tee remix we used a V-neck tee.


First step — snip off the arms and bottom hem to turn the tee into a tank. Find the center of the backside of the tee and cut all the way up. Overlap the back section you just cut and sew about 8 inches down from the collar. Hand-stitch the button in place and trim the back panels to have rounded edges.


You guessed it! Open back tees are also perfect for hot muggy summer days. Pair with a bandeau and a cute patterned skirt.

Cut Out Crop Tee

A geo crop top — what more could your trend-loving self want?


Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– scissors

– sewing machine


Yet another remix on the v-neck!


Cut off the sleeves and bottom half of the tee. Use the sewing machine to take in the sides of your crop top. You’ll want it to be form-fitting. Fold the shirt in half and cut out triangles near the shoulders. Make sure you are only cutting through the front layer of the tee. Then cut longer triangles against the bottom edge of the tee.


Who said you can’t wear a Hanes tee for a night out on the town? Pair this crop with a high-waisted skirt and chunky summer heels.

Beach Cover Up Tee

Days spent lounging at the pool have now arrived!


Tools + Materials:

– large white tee

– scissors

– sewing machine


You’re going to want an extra large tee so that it’s long enough to be a tunic.


For this tee you will need to cut off the arms and cut a straight line directly under the neckline. On the front side, snip a triangle to create a more flattering fit to your cover up. Fold the edge over about 1/2 inch and sew to create a loop. Fold and sew all top edges of the garment. Use a scrap piece of T-shirt, cut into strips and pull into yarn. Snake it through the loops and tie into a knot.


White tees are the perfect poolside cover up. Want to spruce it up? Check out this DIY on how to add punny beach phrases to your cover ups.

Lacey Back Tee

Spoiler alert! This DIY will make two tees out of one!


Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– lace fabric

– scissors

– pins

– sewing machine


We sourced some off-white lace for this boho look, but you could also go for a pop of color.


Cut your white tee into a tank top by removing the neckline, sleeves, and bottom hem. Then cut at the shoulder seam and pin on to your new fabric. Cut the shape of the tank out of the new fabric and stitch the sides and the shoulders – now you’ve got yourself a new tee.


This crocheted top and cut-offs = perfect attire for a summer BBQ!

Gold Chain Tee

Add some bling to your basic white tee.


Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– gold chain

– jump rings

– scissors

– pliers

– sewing machine


Dust off your jewelry-making skills for this one!


You’ll never believe this, but you are going to start of this DIY by cutting off the arms, collar, and bottom hem. Trim the neckline into a deep V with an even deeper V on the back side. Measure three lengths of chain – one will be the length from the bottom of the V to the neck line, one from top of strap to top of strap, and one that stretches across the middle of the V. Tie a piece of t-shirt scrap to the end of the chain and sew onto the t-shirt. Use the jump rings to connect the chains together on the shirt.


Accompany your sexy chain-backed tee with a strappy bralette and crazy patterned pants.

Woven Back Tee

Yes, we love weaving!


Tools + Materials:

– two white tees

– ruler

– pen

– scissors

– pins

– sewing machine


If you feel like taking this to the next level, you could use two different colored tees.


Cut the neckline, bottom hem, and arm hems off the first T-shirt. Cut the side seam and arm seam on both sides of the shirt and use this separated fabric to cut 6 three-inch vertical strips. Cut out a large rectangle from your second shirt and snip about 8 three-inch horizontal strips, keeping them attached — do not cut all the way to the end. Pin the horizontal strips along the both edges of the shirt, then sew. Make sure you do not sew the arm holes closed! Weave the top strips through the horizontal strips. Remember – over, under, over, under. Sew the edges of the vertical fabrics to the last horizontal strip of the shirt.


Lattice tees are another great chance to rock a colorful bandeau.

Peek-a-Boo Front Tee

This style is actually a Free People knock-off!


Tools + Materials:

– two white tees

– pins

– scissors

– sewing machine


We love the elegant cut of this top.


Cut shirt number one into a tank top by removing the arms, collar, and bottom hem. Grab shirt number two and carefully remove the neckband and sleeves. Fold the second shirt in half and cut a curve from three inches under the arm hole to about three inches from the neckline. Unfold the shirt and cut all the way up the front to separate the shirt. Overlap the two front panels, pin and then sew a line of stitches to hold the overlap in place. Slide the first tank top underneath and make a few stitches to hold the straps of the two shirts together.


We can’t get over the layered look of this basic tee! This is a must make for the summer.

What are some of your go-to cuts for summer tees? Remember to share your creations with us using the hashtag #iamcreative and leave comments and questions below!