With that Thanksgiving feast just a few hours away, we’re getting all kinds of sentimental about everything we’re thankful for this holiday season (and every season, for that matter). To get a better idea of what’s on millennials’ minds today, Yik Yak, an app with a 98% millennial user base, decided to find out.


What’s YikYak, you ask? Think of it as hybrid between Twitter and Reddit. Like Reddit, users remain anonymous and can post + admit things they might not otherwise share, and like Twitter it provides real-time updates on things happening in your area (like a big music festival or sporting event). Often, though, the posts are totally random and full of quick, quippy one-liners, like “‘I always keep $5000 on me in case I feel like buying fruits at Whole Foods” and “Today’s high was 87 and low was when I ate an entire sleeve of thin mints.” In the Thanksgiving spirit, Yik Yak prompted users to share why they’re thankful for their education, friends, parents and technology. The responses range from heartfelt sentiments to hilarious jokes. Scroll down to read 24 millennials’ answers while you wait for that turkey to roast.

Why Millennials are Thankful for: Education


Why Millennials Are Thankful for: Friends


Why Millennials Are Thankful for: Parents


Why Millennials Are Thankful for: Technology


What are you thankful for today? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Yik Yak)