Even though we love staying connected on *all* our current social media platforms, we’re always on the hunt for something different too (I mean, where would we be if no one ever took a chance on Mark Z?). So this week, we’re giving you the deets on five new apps that’ll help you stay connected in a brand new way — from finding your girlboss mentor to chatting with your college crush.


1. Keep or Delete: Let’s be real, going through your old tweets and deleting all your random 14-year-old thoughts is a CHORE (but a necessary one if you ever want to land a profesh job). Luckily, this fun app gamifies the process using an interface similar to Tinder — swipe left for dud tweets, swipe right for genius musings.

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2. Huttle: This free online community is all about finding you your dream job. Huttle connects college students and grads to professionals at *all* the companies you want to work for (Facebook, Amazon, and Uber employees are readily available to answer to questions). You can get career advice, build relationships, and get all your burning questions answered within a single day.

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3. Steps: One of the worst parts about social anxiety is that it tricks you into believing you can’t ask for help. That’s what makes this app so genius: Steps challenges people struggling with social anxiety to accomplish small tasks like getting a stranger to take their picture or selling something homemade on Etsy. Yeah, it’s pretty darn awesome.

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4. Hive: Just like the early days of Facebook, Hive is a social network designed specifically for campus life. Not only can you view all your classmates in one place (AKA you can keep your Twitter stalking to a minimum), but you can start any group chat you want too — whether it’s chatting about your rival school’s Quidditch team or a mega hard Organic Chemistry midterm.

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5. Instagram: After rebranding with live and controversial Snapchat-like features, Instagram is now releasing *another* new feature aimed to tackle a super annoying problem. To combat having a cluttered feed with a bajillion consecutive pictures of the same damn event, Instagram is rolling out Instagram Albums. The new feature will allow users to upload a series of swipable pics instead of having to post their pictures one at a time. Consider us sold!

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