Facebook is a beast. We’ve watched the site grow from what was essentially a digital yearbook into a gigantic company with 1.8 billion daily active users that has its fingers in almost every aspect of our lives. It already bought Instagram, and Snapchat and Twitter aren’t safe either.


All creepy, world domination thoughts aside, Facebook is a pretty cool place. You get to stay updated on your friends’ and family’s milestones and day-to-day moments, even when you don’t see each other every day. Unfortunately, it’s not all good. Everyone has that friend who just can’t seem to help posting crap that’s either offensive, awkward or just plain boring. So what do you do in these situations? Well, usually, you block them. Except when you can’t.


Yup. Betcha didn’t think that was possible, didja? Well, it is. You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg (or his wife — we tried for the sake of journalism). Sorry, Zuck, not everyone wants to see videos of you talking with your wife or your home AI. While you don’t have to see all of Zuckerberg’s updates in your feed, if one of your friends shares one of his posts, you can’t avoid it. Ick. Surely he knows that not everyone is interested in everything he has to say? It shouldn’t be mandatory to see someone’s posts.

Forced voyeurism? No thanks.

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(h/t Gizmodo, photos via Kyle Russell/Getty)