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5 Ways to Update Beanies in 5 Minutes or Less

If beanie weather hasn’t hit your part of the country, it will soon! So by now, you should be prepared with a beanie or two that suits your style (‘cause a blank beanie is the definition of boring).

Rather than scouring the internet for the perfect winter head gear, we took matters into our own hands and personalized five standard beanies. And you know what we found? It’s pretty darn easy to do (and fun to model, as you can see!) So easy, in fact, that each of these styles took five minutes or less to finish! There are way more than a handful of ways to look delightful while the weather outside is frightful, but here are our basic upgrades to get ya going!

We bought this large, mermaid colored sequined trim back when we blinged out basic tees, but ended up not using it. It’s perfect for this project though, where it adds icy sparkle to the brim of a white beanie.

– white beanie
– one yard of thick elastic sequined trim
– Fabri-Tac glue

– fabric scissors

There are only three steps to making this glitzy cap: measure, cut, and glue. That’s it! Just be sure that you’re using an elastic sequined trim so that it expands with the beanie as it’s stretched over your head.

Simple, yet so chic! It’s the perfect headgear for walkin’ in a winter wonderland, don’t you think?

Two shades of green pom poms and a pop of hot pink add a festive splash to this black beanie’s brim. When lined up in a row, they almost look like twinkling Christmas tree lights!

– black beanie
– small pom poms (we used neon green, forest green, and hot pink)
– Fabri-Tac glue

– head form or substitute object to stretch your beanie (we used a small mixing bowl)

For this beanie DIY, you’ll need the help of a head form or some other object like a small mixing bowl to stretch out your beanie. This makes it so much easier to place each pom pom around the brim, which we prepared for by laying out or color scheme first.

Next, dot your glue on the pom pom and press into the hat. We eyeballed a straight line of pretty poms all in a row about one inch above able the cap edge. Be sure to place your pom poms close together so that there’s only a little space between each fluff ball when the beanie is stretched over your noggin.

We’re really digging our modern Christmas color palette—how could we not include neon into the mix? These puffy embellishments are a great way to sneak some color into a mostly black wardrobe (like that of yours truly).

You’ll need some dexterity—as well as basic jewelry tools—to complete this beanie DIY that’s totally off the chain. Grab ’em and let’s get going!

– red beanie
– thin gold chain
– round studs

– needle nosed jewelry pliers
– chain cutters

Place your first stud on your beanie—we liked ours a bit higher up—then lay out your chain next to it. Eyeball how long you’d like each segment to be and cut accordingly—about five inches for this scalloped design.

Now here’s the kind of tricky part: you need to hook the ends of both chain segments onto the prongs of one stud, which is easiest to do when you lay the stud down, prong side-up. Then, carefully flip it into place—pressing down into the fabric—and turn the beanie inside out to fold over each prong. Phew! The warm beanie material is thick, so you might have to dig around to find each prong,  just don’t give up!

On the first stud, leave the chain segment near the side of the beanie alone for now. Instead, grab the segment closest to the center of the cap and continue this process around the entire beanie. Got it? Got it! On your last stud, connect the remaining chain from the beginning to complete the design.

This red beanie-gold hardware combo is to die for. The scalloped chain falls so naturally in place. You could amp up this design even more by adding a second row of scalloped chain underneath or even a tiny trim along the flipped up cuff. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Everyone needs some bling in their life, especially around the holidays when all is merry and bright. We love the frosty mix of this light blue beanie with royal blue rhinestones, specked with clear crystals that shimmer like fresh snow.

– light blue beanie
– 1 large, pear-cut, royal blue plastic rhinestones
– 4 medium, emerald-cut, royal blue plastic rhinestones
– small, round, clear plastic rhinestones
– tiny, round, royal blue plastic rhinestones
– Fabri-Tac

The process for this beanie is almost as simple as our sequined-adorned starter. Collect your rhinestones, place them in a pattern of your choosing—we went for a simple arch, which will undoubtedly complement the noggins of all who wear it—then glue ’em in place. Remember to glue them close together on this flat hat so they’re not miles apart when you slip it on!

It’s delicate! It’s dazzling! And it’s totally repping the West Coast.

For our final beanie project, we’re channeling our inner cat ladies. And since cat ears (and animal prints in general) have been on-trend all season, that’s not a bad thing at all!

– grey beanie
– grey felt
– Fabri-Tac

– fabric scissors
– head form or substitute object to stretch your beanie (we used a small mixing bowl)

First, make a pair of felt feline ears by gently folding together the edges of your felt, then snip them to size using your beanie as a guide. Glue along the cut line, then press the edges together. See how the felt curves so naturally?

To finish, grab a head form or something fairly head-shaped (we used a mixing bowl) and slide on your beanie to get to the top seams. Squeeze some glue along each ear and press into place. Let these completely dry before you put it on your dome.

It’s no surprise that this hat turned out to be as cute as a button. If you’re looking to take this concept to fantastically quirky levels, you can add felt whiskers or even the word “meow” to the flipped up cuff. But we like to play it simple, just like any cool cat would.

As you can see, our minds are being blown by how easy it was to make each of these stylish winter accessories—and how fast it was. Five minutes or less fast! If you ask us, there’s no better way to decorate your dome for the holidays! :)

Are you customizing your winter accessories this year? Do you like working best with beanies, gloves, scarves, or something else entirely? Share your favorite winter accessory DIYs with us in the comments below!