One of our favorite fall style trends puts furry friends of all kinds front and center: it’s all things animals! We’ve shown you how the wild kingdom has snuck up in this season’s most head-turning knitwear, and now it’s stampeding straight into the jewelry realm. Check out these 25 wonderful and whimsical pieces we’re swooning over.

1. Fortuna Ring ($198): This ladybug ring may just be your new lucky charm! Its black and white dotted coat elevates this cute critter to super chic levels.

2. Red Fox Necklace ($34): Now that we all know what the fox says, it’s especially fun to wear this charm around our necks. This handmade pendant is as cute as it is clever.

3. Oh Deer Stud Set ($4): These stag studs are sweet! Especially since you can switch up your look with the second set of faux stone earrings. Plus, you can’t really beat a dollar per earring.

4. Little Animal Ring ($10): In our eyes, this ring is purr-fect. It’s a subtle statement maker which would stack nicely between basic metallic rings.

5. Animal Enamel Bracelets ($15): Not only are these enamel bracelets cute and colorful, but they’re from one of our favorite stores of yore: Delia’s. (And by now you should know we’re totally children of the 90s).

6. Gorjana Owl Stud Earrings ($38): These sassy studs are quite a hoot! Their cutout sneaky eyes are so playful.

7. Lapin Two Finger Ring ($268): Peter Cottontail gets a rear-end upgrade with this stunning pearl ring. This bauble-y bunny hops his way across two fingers.

8. Tiger Necklace ($60): This ferocious feline mug is absolutely fierce! The large pendant is made from brass, giving it a polished feel that’s great for work and play.

9. 4 Piece Animal Cuff Bracelet ($10): Get a sampling from every corner of the wild kingdom with this four-piece cuff set. The way the animals stack makes it look like a cool metal totem!

10. Symphonic the Hedgehog Ring ($12): We dare you to tell us you’ve ever seen anything cuter than this hedgehog ring. Go on, we’re waiting ;)

11. Worldwide Animals Tiger Bracelet ($353): Made of gold-plated brass, satin, calf leather, and Swarovski crystals, this bracelet is a splurge in every way. Regardless, we’re in love with the bold colors and laser-cut tiger stripes.

12. Gold and Crystal Chuckie Stud Earrings ($43): Crystal cat eyes add sparkle to these two-whiskered studs. What a classy kitten!

13. Seahorse Pin ($68): If you’re like us, the little girl in you is dying to own a seahorse. Help to fill that unwarranted void with this enamel brooch.

14. Big Elephant Ring ($125): The name pretty much nails it: this is a big elephant ring. Costume jewelry pros should be swooning over its knuckle-length trunk and flashy gold plated tusks.

15. Sky Rabbit Necklace ($72): What a stylish way to show how “stars” create a bouncing bunny constellation. Rhinestones and star gems shine bright like diamonds in the sky.

16. Here Kitty Ring ($10): Embrace your inner cat lady and rock this quirky kitty ring. Its illustrated face is beyond adorable!

17. Long Animal Medley Necklace ($118): Why choose between cats and rabbits when you can wear both on one amazing necklace? The addition of basic gold coins makes this accessory feel extremely sophisticated.

18. Party Animal Earrings ($10): Is it cute or creepy to have sad cat and dog faces on your ears? You’ll just have to wear them to find out.

19. My Pet Octopus Cuff ($16): So if you’re not crazy for cats or devoted to dogs, then you must be way into octopi. Indulge in your octo-obsession with this double-bar cuff.

20. Wildlife Ring ($14): Who’s that staring at your with those big blue eyes? This ring is quite a looker.

21. Scarabee Pendant Necklace ($108): We never thought we’d ever call a beetle “cute”, so our hats are off to the makers of this little guy. Squiggly legs and sparkling blue eyes make this dangling bug totally approachable.

22. Gold-Tone Zebra Coil Bracelet ($95): This is one glam animal! (glam-imal?) We love the interpretation of the zebra’s stripes and glimmering black crystals.

23. Crystal Alligator Pendant Necklace ($75): Here’s another blinging critter to try on for size. Try “taming” this super statement necklace by rocking it with a preppy Peter Pan collared shirt/sweater combo.

24. Little Animal Ring ($10): We already showed you the feline version of this ring, so we had to give some love to the floppy rabbit version too! Which ear ring would you wear?

25. Bing Bang Tiny Horse Studs ($48): Ride off into the sunset with these pretty pony earrings. Casual and comfortable, they’re great for everyday wear.

Do you own any animal jewelry? Which piece is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.