While 2017 has certainly seen its fair share of beauty trends, ranging from wearable to WTF, 2018 is about to blow it out of the water. According to the latest Pinterest data, there is a slew of popular beauty buys, styles, and trends from 2017 that will totally dominate the new year. Below, the top ten beauty trends that will take over your feed 鈥 and makeup bag 鈥 in 2018.

1. Luscious Lashes: The quest for lengthy lashes has *always* been a thing, but Pinterest searches for 鈥渓ashes鈥 increased by 152% in 2017. Luckily, falsies, lash serums, lash extensions, lash tinting, and even lash perms, offer more options than ever for hopping on this beauty bandwagon.

2. The Oil Solution: Long gone are the days of exclusively using 鈥渙il free鈥 products. Oil-based formulas have sky-rocketed in popularity due their deeply moisturizing properties and ability to provide that oh-so-coveted dewy glow 鈥 even for acne prone skin, which some oils (including argan) can actually regulate. For this reason, expect to spot an influx of oil-based cleansers, moisturizers, and shampoos in the coming year. The search for 鈥渃leansing oil鈥 alone shot up by a whopping 555% on Pinterest in 2017.

3. Foundation Formulations 2.0: 2017 may have been a year of highs and (super) lows for a number of reasons, but we鈥檙e happy to report that the search for 鈥渃omplexion matching鈥濃 as in foundation matching for a plethora of skin colors 鈥 rose by 387% this year. No doubt the new, vast shade ranges from brands like Fenty Beauty got everyone into the long overdue spirit of inclusivity. 2018 will likely be the year for an increasing number of cosmetics brands to follow suit.

4. New Hair Heights: New year, new hair? The saved pins for 鈥減ixie鈥 and 鈥渓ong hair鈥 rose by 130%. Translation: buh bye, bobs.

5. (Nail) Art Deco: Over the top nail art is being replaced by its subtler, cooler cousin: The Negative Space mani. The search for 鈥済eometric nails鈥 rose by 83% in 2017. With all of the DIY hacks for recreating geo-inspired nail art, we expect this trend to take over the 2018 nail scene.

6. The Eighties Eye: So long, subtlety鈥 at least when it comes to eye makeup. 鈥淏right eyeshadow鈥 created quite the stir this year, with a 63% search increase on Pinterest. We鈥檙e also seeing this trend reflected in an array of new brightly pigmented palettes hitting the market.

7. You See Me (Derma) Rollin鈥: If you鈥檝e gotten a facial in the past few months: A) lucky you! B) You鈥檝e probably experienced the cooling bliss of a dermaroller 鈥 whether it was of the quartz or the jade variety. These soothing, depuffing facial tools are becoming a must-have for any skincare junkie鈥檚 toolkit, as evidenced by the phenomenal 345% increase in searches this year alone.

8. One and Done Kits: 2017 seemed to be the year of product launch after product launch. Not that we鈥檙e complaining, but a million and a half palettes for a zillion areas of the face can get a wee bit overwhelming; perhaps that鈥檚 why Pinterest searches for 鈥渕akeup kit鈥 increased by 147% this year. 2018 is set up to be a big year for curated beauty packages with easy to follow, no-fuss tutorials.

9. Just Bitten Lip Flush: Matte lips aren鈥檛 going anywhere in 2018, but the trend will likely pare down with simpler formulas. 鈥淟ip tint鈥 Pinterest saves skyrocketed by 414% this year. Translation: expect subtler, more long-lasting matte stains in your future.

10. Swim Fan: No time to blow dry your locks? You鈥檙e already halfway to one of the biggest hair trends of 2018. Wet-looking, slicked styles, as well as their curly counterparts (think perms!) are making a major comeback for the new year. There was a 166% increase search for 鈥渟licked back鈥 and 鈥渨avy鈥 styles.

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