There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the crepe. Whether it’s slathered with creamy nutella or wrapped around ham and cheese, we just can’t get enough. Literally. The obvious solution? To make a hacker’s take on a mille-feuille cake (thousand layer cake) with crepes! Present these hundred layers of goodness to your significant other for Valentine’s Day and they’ll definitely know that’s amore.



– ⅔ cup crepe mix

– ⅓ cup cold water

– 2 eggs

Raspberry Curd

– 6 oz pack of washed raspberries

– ¼ cup sugar

– 1 tb cornstarch

– 1 tb lemon juice

– 2 egg yolks

– ¼ stick butter

First, we’ll prepare the raspberry curd. Don’t be deterred by its name, the raspberry curd is packed with flavor and complements the crepes perfectly.

Start off by pureeing the raspberries in your Magic Bullet or food processor. Then, combine raspberries, sugar, and cornstarch in a heavy bottomed saucepan and heat on the stove at medium low heat. Add in the egg yolks and lemon juice. Cook for 7-8 minutes on medium low heat until it thickens. When it thickens to a paste-like texture, remove from the heat and add in the butter. Swirl the butter around till it’s completely immersed in the curd.

Set aside and let cool.

Next, we’ll start making the crepes!

To make the crepe batter, we followed the instructions on the container. First, whisk together the eggs and cold water until completely mixed. Then, add the flour and whisk until all the lumps are gone.

To cook the crepe, we used a nonstick medium sized pan. Heat the pan gently on medium low heat. When the pan is warm, remove from heat briefly and pour ¼ cup of crepe batter into the pan. Swirl the batter around so it coats the whole pan. Put it back on the stove and let it cook for about 45 seconds, or until the bottom is a light brown. Then, delicately flip the crepe and let it cook for about 15 seconds, until the other side is light brown. Continue to do this until you use all the crepe batter.

If you’re going to make a heart shaped crepe cake, use a cookie cutter to punch heart shaped crepe layers out of your round crepes. Then, spread raspberry curd on one layer and put another one on top, like a sandwich. Keep piling layers until you think that your cake is tall enough!

What kind of fillings do you like in your crepes? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.