Today in the craft lab, we set out to do one thing and came out with something completely different and ridiculously festive, if we do say so ourselves. From a young age, confetti has always been synonymous with party. You get to make a mess, bright colors are being tossed around, and you can stash some in your pocket for emergency party use later on. So why not confetti up your presents?

– Elmer’s glue (we prefer the washable clear variety)
tissue paper confetti (1/4 bag)
– recycled printer paper (or construction paper, newspaper, etc – any paper that is slightly porous)

Wrap your presents. Use a thin layer of glue to draw out your design. We did one with stripes, one with polka dots, and one with a giant circle in the middle. Other designs could be zig zag, a spiral, or simply covering the whole bottom or top half of the present.

Pour the confetti generously onto the wet glue. Press it into the glue gently. Let dry for 2-3 minutes. Shake the confetti off and fix up any gaps or smudges if needed.

And poof! There you have it. Super festive presents sure to liven up the scene under any Christmas tree.

Clearly, we adore confetti. What confetti crafts do you love to make? Send tips our way at