If you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for? We’re kind of hoping for a pet tiger, a palace in Agrabah and maybe a magic carpet. Is that too much to ask? Our recent wishful thinking is related to our fave Disney movie Aladdin (of course!) which just became available in digital HD. Yeah… so now you know what we’ll be watching this weekend ;) But the return of our favorite thief, princess, genie and monkey is also inspiring some DIY ideas! Throw an Aladdin-themed party that your kiddos will love with these ideas below!


1. Agrabah Palace Fort

Forts are awesome all on their own. A palace fort? That’s totally next level. Use cardboard, colorful paint and inflatable beach balls to DIY this magnificent structure.



1. Use a box cutter to trim the boxes into two long rectangles. Draw the shape of a door with a pen and then cut out.

2. Attach the two large rectangle bases and four rectangle posts to the ground using duct tape.


3. Add designs to the cardboard base with colorful duct tape and paint

4. Take your Aladdin castle to the next level by topping with gold, purple and blue beach balls.

5. Get cozy and accessorize with tons of pillows and blankets.

2. Free Jasmine Printable


“I can show you the world… shining, shimmering, splendid.” Don’t forget to play the classic Aladdin soundtrack at your party, and use this free printable as easy decor.

3. Aladdin Costume


What’s better than a party? A costume party. Get your little one into character with this easy DIY Aladdin costume. Abu the monkey not included.



1. Use red paper and gold string to create a tasseled hat.

2. DIY your own vest by using blue fabric. Fold in half and then cut out arm and neck holes. Use hot glue to glue the sides together.

3. Fold over the bottom edge of the pants and use hot glue to make a hem. Leave an opening so you are able to insert elastic. Use hot glue to attach the ends of elastic together and close up the rest of the hem.

4. Free Genie Printable


While we love every character in Aladdin, the genie is definitely the best! Bonus: Use this free printable as inspo for your party invitations.

5. Princess Jasmine Costume


And of course, no Aladdin-themed party would be complete without a mini Princess Jasmine. Grab a glue gun and DIY this adorable costume in no time.



1. Add gold accents to blue leggings for jasmine’s costume.

2. Use hot glue to add wispy sleeves to a basic tank top.

3. Cut a long rectangle of gold fabric and attach a blue accent to create a head piece.

There you have it! Five simple DIY ideas to get your Aladdin party started. Don’t forget to snag a copy of Aladdin on DVD in Digital HD before the big day. For more ideas, check out Disney’s Aladdin Pinterest board.

What’s your favorite part of the Aladdin story? Let us know in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Disney.