In an effort to refresh your home with a trip to IKEA, you’ve whistled and worked your way through your old pots and pans and tossed out those worn-down throw pillows and blankets. Now’s the time to fill up your space with a little color and a lot of style. Upgrading your home can start to get a little expensive, but thanks to some seriously rad IKEA products for under $20 apiece, you can totally spice up your home this summer. Get your shopping list ready, ’cause these 20 products are your next must-buys.


1. STOCKHOLM Bowl ($20): Finding the perfect coffee table topper is no easy feat — that is, until we found this bad boy. Fill this pretty bowl with anything you like, from air plants to fun pom poms.


2. VIKTIGT Basket ($18): Looking for something pretty to store your extra blankets and pillows? Pick up this minimalistic woven basket that’s as functional as it is stylish.


3. ANVÄNDBAR Wine Cooler ($13): As the temps start rising, you are definitely going to need something to keep your wine chill. Place this go-to wine cooler by the pool to sip and saver a glass while you tan.


4. STILLHET Tealight Holder ($8): Adding a little mood lighting to your home is never a bad idea. Put these on your table to give your home a warm feel that is perfect for a romantic night in.


5. INBJUDANDE Container (three for $5): Coffee, tea and cookies have finally found a home! These creative and fun tins are perfect for all dried foods and add some color to your kitchen.


6. ASKHOLMEN Plant Stand ($20): Your living room and patio corners will never be lonely again with this gorgeous leaning planter. Put this in any part of your home to step up your decor game.


7. SKURAR Hanging Planter ($6): Hanging planters are so on trend right now, and these gorgeous guys are no exception. Bring a little outdoors inside by elevating your earthy buds with these planters. Pro tip: Hang them at different lengths for a dynamic display.


8. IDEALISK Flour Sifter ($5): Bakers, this one’s for you. Top your pretty baked goods off with some yummy powdered sugar like a pro with this cool gadget.


9. ASKHOLMEN Chair ($19): It’s time for a patio upgrade! Give your outdoor area a little pick me up with these pretty chairs that are perfect for entertaining this summer.


10. VÖRDA Chef’s Knife ($10): Summer is all about backyard barbecuing, which includes having the right utensils to get the job done. Pull out this sharp cutter to slice through your grilled meat like butter.


11. TILLFÄLLE Salt and Pepper Shaker ($5): Salt and pepper shakers are an easy way to bring some color to your table. Pick a two-toned pair with a fun shape for a look that all of your guests will want to copy.


12. VILDAPEL Plant Stand ($13): This bamboo baby has a dual purpose. Use it as a plant stand to show off your indoor garden or place it by your low-rise bed for the perfect bedside table.


13. TILLFÄLLE Cushion Cover ($5): Throw pillows are all about glamming things up. Throw these guys on any bed or couch and you’ll be left with an eye-catching display you will never want to get rid of.


14. SKURAR Wall Clock ($15): Clocks are a cool way to add a little dimension to your aesthetic. If whimsical decor is your thing, then try out this wall clock that would make the White Rabbit jealous.


15. TILLFÄLLE Bowl ($4): Why serve your ice cream sundae in anything other than a colorful container? Take your dishware to a new level with these vibrant bowls that are ideal for any meal.


16. SKURAR Candle Holder ($2): This candle holder is ethereal decor at its finest. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoors and is sure to put you in a fanciful mood, as you enjoy the pretty shapes it projects with its intricate design.


17. KORKEN Jar ($4): So obvi mason jars are all the rage right now, but you’re definitely going to want to check out these glass guys. You will never have to search for a lid again once you have these jars on your counter top.


18. GILTIG Serving Bowl ($9): These bowls are the stuff that cat ladies’ dreams are made of. Keep things vibrant at your table with these colorful kitten bowls that even a dog lover would adore.


19. BITTERGURKA Hanging Planter ($10): When it comes to space saving, these planters are ideal. Hang this planter anywhere to save room to move and groove, while also livening up your home.


20. IKEA PS Plant Stand ($20): If you’re looking for the right planter to hold all your buds and just can’t find one that shows off all your plants, then look no further. This three-tiered stand gives each one of your plants enough space to show off their leaves.

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