Dealing with a cluttered and disorganized kitchen is undeniably frustrating. You often have to brace yourself at the thought of cooking, with a gentle reminder to clean up after yourself as you go. The good news is that no matter how small your space, you can make it super functional by creating kitchen storage hacks for those bulky pots and pans. A well done pot rack packs a powerful punch, no matter your decor style. Conquer your storage issues with these 13 ways to creatively take your kitchen from a disaster zone to organized, luxe living.


1. Window Art: When you’re out of cabinet or drawer space, it’s time to think vertically. Hanging pots and pans in a window doesn’t take away valuable wall space, and it adds a special flair to your kitchen window. (via Julia Brenner)


2. Copper Ladder Storage: Harness your crafting powers by creating your own unique ladder for your pots and pans. Copper brightens a space with its warm metallic shine, and the rustic wood adds depth. (via Monsterscircus)


3. Racks on Racks: Functionality in a kitchen is top priority. Although you may not have a large wall to hang pots and pans, you can use smaller chunks of space with shorter pipes to hold your kitchenware. “S” hooks are ideal to use so you can easily hook and unhook items, even if they’re hung higher up. (via Andrea Sparacio)


4. Chalk It Up to Good Storage: Bring your space-saving wall to life with chalkboard paint. Stainless steel or brushed chrome rods will pop against a chalkboard wall, and you can write quotes, recipes or draw fun pictures on the chalkboard paint. (Photo via Daniel Mahon / Design Sponge)


5. Function on Wheels: This little beaut of a cart takes your kitchen from drab to chic, along with providing you with some extra storage. Keep your smaller pots and kitchen items on wheels so you have all of your necessities at hand, no matter where you are in the kitchen. (via Love by Serena / Style Me Pretty)


6. Top Shelf: Stack your goods by using a shelf and rod combination where they’re still within reach. Knickknacks and posters can dress up your kitchen collection, making your hanging pots and pans look less utilitarian and more in vogue. (Photo via Esther Sun Photography / Style Me Pretty)


7. Crystal Clear: Living in a small space doesn’t limit your creativity — it forces you to think outside the box. Clear shelving units allow you to showcase your beautiful kitchenware while making your space feel lighter and more airy. (via Lesley Colvin / The Kitchn)


8. Perfectly Pegged: Nail your style right on the head by DIYing your own peg board. Pick your color and paint your way to an organized kitchen for cheap. This storage idea is perfect if you ever want to change up the configuration for how you organize too. (via Design Sponge)


9. Throw in the Towel: If your wall space is sparse but you have an open cabinet side, you can cook up something spectacular in your kitchen in only a few minutes. With one bathroom towel bar repurposed for your pots and pans, your items will be at hand whenever they’re needed. (via The 2 Seasons)


10. Nature Welcomes You: Wood accents bring a rustic feel without being too country. Instead of clear or metal shelves, try a solid wood, like pine. Take it to the ceiling and add stain or paint to create your perfect style. (Photo via Eve Wilson / The Design Files)


11. Put a Lid on It: No more opening your cabinet only to have lids tumbling out left and right. With the addition of a simple wooden peg rack, lids will sit upright at attention, waiting patiently for when you call them to service. (via Martha Stewart)


12. Cooking Up Romance: Bring your kitchen dreams to reality with this white-on-white kitchen décor. White or cream shelving in this Parisian apartment creates an enchanting atmosphere. (Photo via Marissa Cox / The Everygirl)


13. Thinking Sideways: Even if you only have one kitchen cabinet to spare, you can free up valuable shelf space with a lid organizer. Arrange all of your lids in an upright row so you can easily track them down when you need them. (via The Kitchn)

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