Spring is fraught with new babies and pregnant ladies on the hunt for the best and most unique baby name out there. Of course, you don’t want anything too common, but if you choose something too out there, your child might object a few years down the road. Fortunately for you expecting mommas, May has inspired some great baby names for your little darling. Here are our top 10.


Best Girl Baby Names for May

1. Mae: Not only will your sweet little one be named after the month she was born, but the name means “goddess of spring growth,” which seems quite fitting for a spring babe.

2. Laurel: This name comes from a beautiful pink polka dotted flower that blooms in May. That sounds like some serious nursery decorating inspo to us.

3. Audrey: Audrey Hepburn was born on the fourth of this month, and no one would mind being named after someone so classy. We wouldn’t be surprised if Breakfast At Tiffany’s is her favorite movie when she gets older.

4. Harlow: We’ve watched as boy names ending in that “o” sound have become wildly popular, but now it’s the girls’ turn. Plus, this name means “meadow of hares,” which begs for a bunny-inspired nursery.

5. Idina: So you don’t really want to name your child after a Frozen character, but did you know that Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) was born May 30? We think that’s a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Best Boy Baby Names for May

1. Silas: We have Timberlake and Biel’s new darling to thank for the rise in popularity of this name, not to mention it’s also a well-known biblical name.

2. Denver: With all the trees and grass greening up before our eyes, a name that means “green valley” would be perfect for a May baby.

3. Bruce: This one’s for all you Avenger fans. Since the next adventure premieres in May, why not name your child after one of the crew? Hopefully he doesn’t have a Hulk-like temper though ;)

4. Mark: We’re certain that Facebook is here to stay, so it seems a good idea to name your child after the creator of our favorite social media. Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14 and will share a birth month with your sweetums.

5. Kale: Before you balk at this one, you should know that this really is a trendy baby name at the moment. If you aren’t too into veggie-inspired names, spell it with a “C” instead.

What baby names have caught your eye this month? Share them with us below!