April is that month when all the adorable ducklings and bunnies and puppies start invading our news feeds. It’s pretty much impossible to get babies off the brain. And if you’ve got a little one arriving this month, you’re probably thinking about all the wonderful possibilities for baby names. Well, here are 12 name ideas for your adorable April-born darling.

april baby names

Girl Names

1. April: Not only is it a great month, it’s the name of our favorite sarcastic girlfriend from Pawnee. If you’re missing Parks and Rec as much as we are, you might consider naming your darling after Mrs. Dwyer.

2. Poppy: It’s sweet and simple and a really good candidate for your baby’s name. These bright blooms will look amazing as a nursery theme too.

3. Mulan: This Chinese name means “blossom.” Plus it reminds us of a strong, self-sufficient Disney princess. #Girlboss in the making.

4. Amaya: April showers bring May flowers. So a name that means “night rain” seems appropriate for a baby born in a rainy month.

5. Hazel: The Fault in Our Stars, anyone? We don’t think people would blame you naming your sweet darling after such a sweet story.

6. Aphrodite: How about naming your new little one after the Greek goddess of love and beauty? April is her month, and we’ll bet that your little on will inherit the goddess’s traits too.

Boy Names

1. Pharrell: The creator of our favorite happy dance song, Pharrell Williams will share a birthday month with your happy baby.

2. Noah: Not only is the movie about the gigantic ark available on Netflix this month, Carrie Underwood named her baby Isaiah. Can you see the biblical name trend going on here? We’re totally into it.

3. Forrest: Earth Day is April 22nd this year, and if your baby happens to make his appearance on that eco-friendly day, an earthy name seems appropriate. We wouldn’t be surprised if they love to be out in the trees like their name suggests.

4. Ren: Can you imagine all the middle names that might flow perfectly off the tongue when paired with this unique Japanese name that means “lotus?” Plus, you’ll have backup if your baby is a girl since it’s a gender-neutral name.

5. Clement: With March going out like a lamb and all, this uncommon name matches April’s weather patterns perfectly.

6. Zephyr: You might not guess that such a strong sounding name actually means “a gentle breeze.” But don’t we all hope our children will be strong makers and shakers with gentle hearts?

What baby names are you loving this month? Tell us below!

(Photo via @lovelyindeed)