Pep talks: We hear about them in locker rooms before big games and we see them in movies. Typically, they come from a best friend or a coworker, but the pep talks you give yourself — you know the ones, aka standing alone in front of the bathroom mirror with your game face on — can be crucial in developing confidence as a boss. But even the most seasoned #GirlBoss needs a boost from time to time. That’s why we’ve got your back with this list of pep talks for every major move your career has in store you.


5 Pep Talks to Pump You Up

1. The Pep Talk for Firing Someone: Letting an employee go is no easy task. You will have a lingering sense of guilt and anxiety, knowing that this conversation will affect the employee’s self-esteem, career and livelihood — feel that pit in your stomach yet? Aside from offering the employee a thoughtful and transparent dismissal, give yourself the same allowances. Look yourself in the mirror and remind your boss brain that you acted fairly and professionally, and that this is the only option. You can only give bad employees so many chances before they run you (and your company) into the ground. So while it is a tough decision, it’s a decision that needs to be made.

2. The Pep Talk for Writing a BIG Check: There are some who say you need to spend money to make money — like writing a deposit check for a new office. It’s a lot of pressure. How many zeros are there? You’re taking on a space, employees and clients all under the premise that you’re going to succeed. It’s very scary because it feels like the weight of the company is on you. In some ways it is. You’re in charge. But remind yourself that you’ve built a team you believe in and know will work to take the company to the next level. You have clients who believe in you too, and no matter what happens, you will be okay. You’re not jumping off a fiscal cliff of your own making, you’re taking a strategically planned jump forward.

3. The Pep Talk Before an Important Pitch: A big pitch is always overwhelming. This could be a game changer for your business and the pressure is on. Pitching is truly like riding a bike — after a while, you are going to be able to do it and do it well. But, as a new entrepreneur or someone just getting in the game, it can be taxing. Practice makes perfect. And remember: You are your worst critic. There is a reason you are in the room, so go get ’em, tiger!

4. The Pep Talk for a Painfully Slow Month: Not every month is a banger. Some months are filet mignon and others are drive-thru burgers, but they both sustain you. I remember calling my mom at the beginning of my business and saying, “Well, we are going to break even this month. Should I start looking for a job?” It’s an ebb and flow, and you have to understand that it’s totally normal. Tell yourself that February might not be the best month you’ve ever had, but that doesn’t mean that March can’t be a record-breaker. As a boss, you have to be able to weather the ups and downs and part of that comes with enjoying incredibly successful months and riding out the ones where the ocean is flat. No waves? Make your own.

5. The Pep Talk When Sh*t Hits the Fan: Here is the deal: It’s going to happen. You are going to mess up. Someone from your team is going to mess up. There is going to be a big ole messy mess somewhere and you are going to think it’s the end of the world. It’s not. But being the boss is kind of like playing host — you never want to let them see you lose it. It’s not professional and might make people wary about working with you again. So collect yourself, head to a private spot, tell yourself you’ve got this and then go get it.

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This post was previously published on Levo League by Jaclyn Johnson.

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