The holidays have a way of making us think about the big things in life — and since it’s cuffing season, a lot of those thoughts might have to do with relationships. Whether you’re having important mental health talks, are a couple on the rocks or have been dating long enough that you’re hoping for a ring, there’s never been a better time to see just how strong your bond with your boo really is. These seven little tests could help you do just that.


1. The Gaze Test: The requirement is super simple: Does your partner make direct eye contact with you? It’s a great sign if they do: It means they feel comfortable around you.

2. The Jealousy Test: If your partner is easily bitten by the green monster when other people show a romantic interest in you, it’s a strong indicator of their feelings. (Just make sure they don’t use it as an excuse to be controlling.)


3. The Endurance Test: Your S.O. passes the this one if they stick around to help you with annoying tasks such as moving out of your apartment or doing the dishes.

4. The Separation Test: How much does your partner miss you when you’re apart? Their ability to be separated from you can point to the depth of their emotional connection.


5. The PDA Test: While everyone expresses their love differently, your boo’s desire to hold your hand in public or snuggle on the subway might allude to their desire to show you off.

6. The Squeeze Test: The Squeeze Test is like the PDA Test but more subtle: If your partner squeezes your hand during a conversation or while talking with others, it’s a nonverbal sign that they’re aware of your presence and thinking about you.


7. The Mutuality Test: This important benchmark considers the amount of reciprocal self-disclosure between you and your S.O. They clear the hurdle when they share the same sort of personal, intimate information with you that you do with them.

All couples grow and strengthen relationships differently — think about the five love languages! Some couples could “fail” all of these tests and still be set for success; it just depends on what parts of a relationship matter most to you.

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