Being busy is an art form. It’s not easy to juggle work and relationships while staying mentally and physically healthy. Busybodies are always on-the-go, and therefore need to be prepared for anything, including bad-hair days and impromptu outings.

It turns out looking and feeling fresh with an on-the-go lifestyle is totally achievable with the proper ingredients. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ford on the launch of the First-Ever* 2018 Ford EcoSport to show you eight must-have items every gal needs while on-the-go! Just like the average lady hustler, Ford’s 2018 EcoSport is always unstoppable. This car has an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot (cool, right?) and Ford+Alexa capability, so you can listen to your favorite audiobooks. You’ll make being busy look like a breeze!

*US/Canada Markets

** Don’t drive distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice controls.
+ Ford+Alexa app coming to app stores this winter. Requires available SYNC 3 AppLink version 2.2 or higher. Commands and functionality vary depending on smartphone and required software. Don’t drive while distracted or using handheld devices. Use voice controls. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology. Not all features shown are available without such technology.

Be ready to take on anything with these essentials:

1. A Cute Travel Bag: First things first, you’ll want something pretty to hold all these necessities.

2. Turkish Blanket: To prepare yourself for spontaneous beach trips or picnics in the park, you’ll need a blanket to lay out. If you get caught in chilly weather, you can also wrap this lightweight blanket around your neck as a scarf.

3.Baseball Cap: For bad hair days (we’ve all been there), pop on a darling little cap to make for a sporty athleisure look.

4. Rose Water Spray: If you don’t already carry a little bottle of rose water with you, you should know it’s a game-changer. Spritzing a little rose water on yourself is the quickest and easiest way to refresh yourself.

5. Travel Mug: As you run around, eventually you’ll need a caffeine fix. Keep a travel mug handy for when you need to make a quick coffee break. Your drink will stay warmer or cooler longer, therefore your caffeine fix will be a little bit better.

6. Makeup Bag: A cute makeup bag is super useful on hectic days when you’re running around all over town. Store little makeup samples for quick touch-ups or feminine necessities for when you’re riding the crimson wave. Nothing like being prepared!

7. Beauty Essentials: Having your go-to beauty products on hand can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re jumping from work, to the gym, to an event, and you need little makeup touch-ups in between. Also, sometimes a little lipstick goes a long way.

8. A Killer Playlist: Look forward to every drive by downloading podcasts, audiobooks or a dance-inducing playlist of your favorite jams to your smart phone. With Ford EcoSport’s available SYNC 3 technology*, you can easily search and listen (while keeping your hands on the wheel!) to make every car ride an experience.

*Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear.

The First-Ever Ford EcoSport *US/Canada Markets.

We’re ready for anything :)

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Author: Irene Lee
Photography: Chris Andre

This post is paid for by Ford.