Every Body celebrates inclusivity and the representation of human beings in every shape and form.

It’s time to up your Instagram game with a fresh roster of body-positive babes to inspire you to live your best life. Check out our list of favorite accounts and meet the people behind them who are taking inclusivity, acceptance, and representation to awesome (and FUN!) new heights.

1. @bodyposipanda: If Megan Jayne Crabbe’s unicorn hair doesn’t brighten your day instantly, her mega-positive/mega-real attitude will. Crabbe calls herself an “anorexia conqueror” and posts about how learning to love and accept her body has changed her life. She also experiments with going makeup free and talks about the contrast between social media life vs. real life.

2. @glitterandlazers: For the fashion-obsessed crowd, this self-styled “sassypants storyteller” Glitter (real name: Anna, but when you can get people to address you as Glitter, you just go with it) blogs and vlogs about plus-size clothing, travel, and fitness. Her sartorial powers are unparalleled, making her a source of style inspiration for any and every kind of body.

3. @thesassytruth: Transgender plus-size model and activist Gia Natalia Narvaez’s ‘grams are all about body positivity and so is her new Kmart “I Can” campaign. “One of my biggest issues regarding clothing has been finding affordable clothes that fit me correctly,” says Narvaez. “I am ALL about a company that wants to not only spread positivity and optimism, but that also wants to celebrate women regardless of their size, age, or shape.”

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4. @amputee_kat: 10 years ago, dancer and journalism student Kat Hawkins lost both her legs. Since then, she’s returned to school, earning both an undergraduate degree and her master’s while continuing to dance and work as a reporter for the BBC. Her Instagram account documents her extensive travels, a recent 5k race she competed in, and what her life is like both on and off her two prosthetic legs.

5. @sonnyturner___: From acne to boob gaps, plus-size model Sonny Turner is all about embracing your so-called “flaws” and letting go of self-consciousness. “If I saw them in the media,” writes Sonny, in a post about the kinds of breasts that are underrepresented in fashion magazines and ads, “I wouldn’t think they’re abnormal because they’re not perky, touching, or pushed up to the gods constantly. I’d think they’re perfectly imperfect the way they are.” Her ‘gram is part of the movement to make us see that all kinds of bodies are beautiful.

6. @pink_bits: Mega-talented illustrator Christine Yahya began creating her series of beautiful body-positive drawings as part of her recovery process from an eating disorder that had left her with zero self-love. “I think it was this sense of wanting to see my own curves represented, Yahya said in a recent interview, “and recognizing that other people also felt the same sense of empowerment that I did when I shared the initial artworks.” The Pink Bits account features drawings of the female form in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, orientations, ethnicities, and cultures — all of them gorgeous.

7. @virgietovar: “Fat Feminist Creator” Virgie Tovar argues that modesty and the suggestion that women should cover up is a totally sexist idea (one that men stripping their shirts off on a sweltering day would never allow themselves to be subjected to). Tovar’s motto — “Lose hate not weight” — is a rallying cry for acceptance, inclusivity, and body positivity, and encouragement for women, whatever their weight might be, to wear whatever they damn well please.

8. @jilly_peppa: Model, accessibility activist, and Fashion Week street style star Jillian Mercado’s career began with a 2015 Diesel add that celebrated inclusivity. Since then, her campaign for representation in the fashion and entertainment media has earned her nearly 70,000 Instagram followers. Her latest project includes working with @vmagazine and @maybelline.

9. @lizzobeeating: Here’s the thing about Lizzo: She’s not only one of our Instagram faves for her rad style, her real talk, and her representation of the whole “living your best life” thing; she’s also an indie hip-hop artist whose songs we can’t get enough of (check out her music here or here). When she isn’t rocking more sorbet-hued tulle than you thought possible or playing the same festival stage as Jay-Z and Run the Jewels, she’s giving you the kind of advice a perfect BFF would, like “Friendly reminder to resist texting him & checking his IG if he’s toxic. You cut him off for a reason. Stay strong.”

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