Editor’s Note: This post was originally part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. And because we think the ’90s are all that (and a bag of chips), we decided to update it for all you present-day readers. Keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

It’s a throwback trend as easy to master as Angela Chase’s apathetic eye roll: Grunge, the angst-ridden ’90s style as raw as the Seattle sound that it took its name from. Now decades later, the “Come As You Are” look is back in full force, still as messy and maintenance-free as ever, and is of course, not totally complete without a Courtney Love-inspired dark red lip. Get real with these 17 shoppable grunge styles that channel your inner teen spirit and make you the gnarliest babe on the block, or whatever. Headbang as you scroll with our slammin’ playlist.

1. UNIF Nevermind Maxi Dress ($66): This suspender-back red plaid maxi is so rad. Rock with your best beat up Docs.

2. ASOS Sweatshirt With Seattle Towling ($51): Rep the place where it all began.

3. Nishe Daisy Mono Print Sweetheart Dress ($85): Channel your inner Drew Barrymore with this daisy print sundress. That sweetheart neckline is foine for flashin’ your fave hemp choker.

4. UNIF Trolling Short Sleeved Tee ($69): Trollin’ with the homies!

5. UNIF Stash Sweater ($78): We’re straight up buggin’ over this shredded sweatshirt that’s baggy in all the right ways. So gnarly, dude!

6. Motel Annie Skirt ($48): Listen up chicas, this girly plaid mini skirt is for you! The pops of pale pink and grey are too legit to quit.

7. Prince Peter Collection Nirvana Tank ($60): The one. The only.

8. ASOS Skater Dress in Washed Denim With Button Through ($53): The overall-inspired straps on this bitchin’ denim dress are the perfect frame for your collection of ankh charms.

9. Somedays Lovin’ Idle Play Shorts ($80): Was last night’s mosh pit too much for your flannel? There’s one sewn into these shorts! So obsessed.

10. UNIF Loser Sweater ($108): Beck said it best: soy un perdedor, baby.

11. Lazy Oaf Naughty Pupils Dress ($100): This one-and-done look takes babydoll dresses to a fresh new level. Alicia would be so jeal.

12. ASOS Curve Denim Short With ’90s Badge ($61): As if another pair of shorts mattered.

13. UNIF We Out There Sleeveless Tee ($76): We had a hunch that Baldwin of an FBI agent had it right all along. The truth IS out there, Fox Mulder.

14. UNIF Twerk Boyfriend Jeans ($120): All ‘90s stems agree: Shred(er) is better.

15. Lazy Oaf Pizza My Mind T-Shirt ($85): We don’t care about what you think, but we DO care about pizza.

16. Cruel Nights Crop Top ($38): Is there anyone more babelicious than Kelly Bundy? Channel the carefree cool girl in this henley crop top.

17. Old School Bustier ($34): We’re wiggin’ out over this plaid two piece. Those cutouts are seriously slammin’!

What makes your get-up totally grunge? A grandpa cardigan? A waist-tied flannel? Tell us in the comments below!