It’s no secret that were ’90s-obsessed here at Brit HQ. It’s a love of grunge, a love of early Britney, and a love of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all rolled into one, and now this love has manifested itself in the form of wall art — 20 pieces of wall art, that is. And if you’re looking for a gift for someone as ’90s-weird as us, you’re welcome ;)

1. Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris ($25 each): If the ’90s was a prom, these two would definitely be Prom Queen and Prom King.

2. Yo Holmes ($15): This minimalist take on the best theme song to a TV show ever would look right at home here at Brit HQ. We particularly love the dice!

3. Urkel ($17): In response to this age old question, yes Urkel, you DID.

4. Biggie Smalls Wearing Hats and Wigs ($15): Biggie in hats and wigs. Why not? This print series is really the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Ugh! As If! ($14): Cher is not impressed.

6. Daria ($25): This little cartoon cube features our favorite apathetic ’90s teen. “You’re standing on my neck.”

7. Sip Me Baby ($25): Britney Spears and coffee, together at last!

8. No Scrubs ($37): Even if your favorite TLC song is Waterfalls, you have to appreciate how T-Boz, Left Eye (rest in peace), and Chilli really break down what kind of guy a scrub is.

9. Street Fighter ($18): Pop quiz: Who is your favorite Street Fighter character? I was always pretty partial to E. Honda.

10. Darth Slater x Dack Morris ($40): Whoa. Saved by the Bell meets Star Wars in this pop culture mash-up.

11. “The Good Land” ($18): Leave it to Alice Cooper to school Wayne and Garth on the meaning of Milwaukee.

12. Get Stupid ($20): This weekend, do this! :)

13. Brenda and Dylan, Pixelated ($25): Okay, it’s kind of weird that this exists but… I may have just bought it.

14. Keep Calm and Watch Friends ($17): When in doubt, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe will always be there for you. And let’s be honest, Ugly Naked Guy will also always be there for you.

15. Drop It Like It’s Hot ($15): Rap lyrics turned crafty must be a new trend, and we’re totally into it.

16. Men in Black ($18): Wait a minute, is that the creepy ghost mask guy from Scream?! I completely forgot about that ’90s franchise.

17. French Poppa ($16): When you translate Biggie, magic happens. Can this artist please make an entire series of French-ified lyrics?!

18. Jordan Catalano Forever ($12): Two words for you: Boiler room. #swoon

19. Wayne’s World ($21): Love how obscure this reference is – it makes for a truly disgusting and well-designed poster.

20. Nerdy by Nature ($37): And finally, a print that combines being a nerd with the ’90s!

Which of these prints will you buy for your home? Or give as a gift? Talk to us in the comments below.