It鈥檚 still hard to believe what we witnessed during last night鈥檚 Oscars, but it did indeed happen. While folks are still hilariously reacting to the jaw-dropping sitch and going over all of the deets of how聽it came to be, we鈥檙e making it even simpler for you to understand, telling the tale once more through GIF. Check out the ones that perfectly pinpoint every cringe-worthy moment from the incident, below.

Oscars Best Picture mistake

The entire sitch began when Warren Beatty opened the now infamous envelope鈥

鈥nd, upon inspecting its contents, took another peek inside to see if there wasn鈥檛 something he had missed.

He hesitated for a rather prolonged period in a state of confusion and/or doubt, which we initially mistook for humor鈥

鈥xcept he wasn鈥檛 laughing. Beatty then showed the card to his co-presenter, Faye Dunaway, who announced that the winner was La La Land, even as Beatty is heard saying, 鈥淏ut it says Emma Stone.鈥

The La La Land folks then took the stage and began to make their acceptance speeches鈥

When suddenly, people began to make their way onstage from the shadows of its wings.

La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz figured out what鈥檚 going on sooner than most, and announced that Moonlight was the actual winner, while saying, 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 a joke.鈥

He even grabbed the card from Warren Beatty to show the crowd and cameras the awkward truth.

And there it is, plain as day, for all the world to see: Moonlight.

The Moonlight cast was understandably overwhelmed鈥

鈥nd began to make their way onstage as Warren Beatty attempted to explain how such a mixup occurred to a crowd that鈥檚 abuzz with mixed feelings of disappointment and excitement.

The night ended shortly after, with even Jimmy Kimmel at a loss.

And there you have it, folks: a tale of mixup through GIF! What a wild moment movie fans will NEVER forget.

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(h/t Vulture; photo via Kevin Winter/Getty; gifs via Giphy)