As a mom, you’ve worked hard at this kid-wrangling game. You’re on duty every day plus overtime, and finally a day celebrating YOU and only you has come around. While Mother’s Day is usually all about flowers and breakfast in bed, do a little something extra for yourself this year and take an hour to learn a new creative skill for FREE. We’ve partnered with Acer to bring you eight free online classes until 5/17/2017, covering everything from illustration to interior design, so you can try your hand at a hobby you’ve always wanted to explore (but let’s be real: Life got in the way). We’re firm believers in investing an hour in yourself in order to be the best you possible. Because part of taking care of them is taking care of YOU.

So grab a comfy seat, your class supplies, and a speedy Acer laptop to play your class video and dive into a new creative subject. Use your laptop like a tablet and get started with one of the eight classes below!

1. How to Boost Your Productivity: Ever feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Make the most of your time and learn the secret to being your most productive self, from handling the day-to-day to starting up a side project.

2. Color + Pattern for Interior Design: Dreaming of a pin-worthy living room? Uh yeah, so are we. Learn the tricks of the design trade and how to put your personality into your home decor.

3. Intro to Ink Illustration: Step up your doodling game with this incredibly fun, easygoing, and relaxing style of illustration.

4. Brush Calligraphy: Lusting for lettering? Master the art of beautiful, hand-painted letters in this flowy style of calligraphy.

5. Acrylic Painting: It’s time to think abstractly. Find your happy place in this beginner-friendly painting class that’s all color and texture and happy mistakes.

6. Get Started on Instagram: Don’t embarrass your kids with a weak insta game! Learn everything you need to know about the social media mammoth and make the most of every post.

7. Start Your First Creative Business: Dreaming of starting a small home business? Get schooled on all the business basics you need to know to get your ideas off the ground.

8. Intro to Adobe Lightroom: If you’re already the unofficial family photographer, save a whole ‘lotta moolah by learning to professionally edit your own photos in Lightroom for frame-ready images you’ll be proud of.

What are you waiting for? Grab a cozy spot on the couch, a few supplies, and your laptop (like one of these durable and affordable Acer laptops), and have some well deserved YOU time for Mother’s Day.

Get started with a good laptop. Check out Acer’s Spin 7, Swift 7, and Switch Alpha 12 here and post pics of your creative projects using the hashtag #AceTheEveryday.

Sponsored by Acer.

Author: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Kurt Andre