Maybe you’re thinking about a career change or just have an itch to start a side hustle, but either way, finding the confidence to become an entrepreneur can be hard to do. Whether you’re a creative mind or more strategy focused, going into business on your own is daunting. But one new company is looking to change that — all through the power of flowers.

AT Class.Arranging

Through local flower arranging events, Alice’s Table is providing a new path for ladies looking to rock their own businesses. The company takes the well-known direct-sales business model to a new level by having hosts hold flower-arranging parties, rather than the typical jewelry, home goods or other consumer product sales events like Stella & Dot or Avon.

Alice’s Table launched in September 2015 by offering flower arranging parties in the Boston area. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the events (hey, perfect GNO idea), the company made the decision to scale the business to a national event host model, allowing women across the country to host their own parties under the Alice’s Table business umbrella. And with both minimal living and the maker-movement in full swing, it’s a great fit for the current market.

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“The Alice’s Table Event Host Program is perfect for a creatively inclined person who loves to throw a great party and wants to empower her friends and neighbors along the way,” said Alice Rossiter, CEO and founder.

Alice with class participants

“These fun, social community-based events foster creativity without the product pushing,” Alice explains. We don’t need any new cookware or makeup, so we especially like that you aren’t wined and dined (or appetizered) into taking something expensive home.

“Instead, Alice’s Table event hosts teach attendees how to live a more joyous and stylish life. Class attendees have fun learning the art of flower arranging and get to beautify their home with the bouquet they created. For the event host, she’s empowered by earning an income on her terms and according to her own schedule and work-life balance needs,” Alice explains.

With the support of Alice Table’s corporate headquarters, women can launch their own events business with the backing of a more established company, ideally eliminating some early startup stress and providing more training, marketing and promotion assets. Plus, hosts take home 70 percent of the profits from each event, and with no pyramid structure or income stipulations, hosts have complete transparency over how much they make and how often they work. Attending the events costs about $65.

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“We’ve worked hard to remove the headaches associated with running your own business to ensure our hosts are successful,” Alice says. Training and marketing support alone is a blessing when you’re starting out, and Alice’s Table goes way further. “The corporate HQ team will help each host develop individualized growth plans based on their interests. We balance the amount of support we give to hosts with the freedom and flexibility to run their business the way they want,” Alice explains.

If you’re interested in becoming a host, you can follow Alice’s Table on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or visit their website.

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(Photos via Alice’s Table)