In a society that’s becoming more and more woke, the fashion industry is being held accountable for its missteps. Not only are companies being called upon to be more ethically conscious, using eco and-animal-friendly materials to make their wares (Michael Kors and Jimmy Choojust nixed fur from their lineups), they’re also being called out for lack of social awareness where it exists with regard to their designs. American Eagle, for one, is now apologizing after debuting a piece of jewelry in its stores which many found to be particularly offensive.

The item in question was a bracelet made to look like a shackle. Customers were outraged over the design, pointing to the metal cuff screws reminiscent of those worn by slaves throughout history.

According to Hello Giggles, Ronald E. Frazier II, found the bracelet in an AE store on December 11. He opened up a discussion about the piece via Twitter, writing, “I saw this bracelet in and think you need to revisit this. I would never wear this due to the obvious slavery connection. I hope you do the right thing and remove this from your stores. Please retweet your support. #SlavesNoMore.”

Others were quick to agree, voicing their disapproval on the social media platform.

AE has since responded by removing the promptly removing product and issuing an apology via tweet.

“We’ve heard and understand the concerns about the bracelet,” the company wrote. “We apologize and will remove the product from our stores and website.”

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(Photo via Tim Boyle/Getty)