Amy Schumer is definitely paying it forward. The comedian, who recently admitted that she asked for higher pay than streaming service Netflix initially offered her for her comedy special, has just allocated some of those funds into the pocket of a Boston waitress.

The server in question waited on Schumer while dining with a male acquaintance (perhaps that “new dude” she’s been seeing?) at Union Oyster House. She was in for a shock when she picked up the 36-year-old’s signed $80 bill, however, which included a — wait for it — $500 tip! For those of you doing the math, that’s a 625 percent gratuity.

The Snatched actress was reportedly in town to shoot scenes for I Feel Pretty, but clearly, she remembers where she came from, having once worked in the service industry herself. As the restaurant’s owner, Joe Milano, explained to People, “She said to [the server], that she was once a waitress and knew how hard it was.”

The waitress/student, who attends Emmanuel College, was thrilled with her generosity. “She was excited to be serving her, but then to get that kind of tip was something else,” Milano shared. “She’s a hard worker and I’m happy for her.”

Of course, it’s not exactly the first time the Judge Judy guest has given back to others. Last March, she left bartenders at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in NYC a $1,000 gratuity while taking in Hamilton, and two years prior, she left another $500 to a male student that waited on her at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island.

She discussed her altruism with Howard Stern last April, saying, “I waited tables and bartended, so. And it feels good. It’s a little selfish because it feels so good to be able to do that and you know you made their night,” she shared.

Still, she’d prefer to fly under the radar when it comes to being generous, telling Stern, “That’s a lot of pressure. Because [now] they’re like, Schumer’s coming in! Get your money bags ready!”

Oh, Amy…

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(Photos via Kevin Winter + Robin Marchant/Getty)