Oh, the early ’90s. Angst and ying-yangs somehow went hand in hand, along with a pair of Doc Martens, a flannel tied at the waist and an apathetic attitude. It’s not breaking news that this grungy decade is back, but we’re digging the modern black and white take on some of our favorite ’90s styles. And even though we’re all about color, candy and confetti, we’ve gotta give props to the styles that made us who we are today.

Party on dude.

1. Ying Yang Body-Con Dress ($47): First up, how hot is this ying-yang dress? And no, we never thought we’d say that again.

2. Worn By Peace Print Tank ($53): Next up, we’re loving the celestial and existential combo of peace signs, moons and birds.

3. Dripped Smile Crop Top ($16): You’ve gotta add a little gilded edge to the typical smiley face. We could easily see Rihanna rocking this crop top.

4. Lazy Oaf Naughty Pupils Dress ($100): Blossom, is that you?

5. Motel Tiara Tie Back Smock Dress ($66): Cue Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, light a fire and bust out your acoustic guitar. Who cares if you only know the melody from Come As You Are? ;)

6. Kidda Christopher Shannon Sweatshirt ($198): We know we don’t normally include dude style, but how amazing is this sweatshirt? And that haircut?!

7. Reverse Sun and Stars Dress ($68): I totally had a pair of earrings where one was a sun and one was a moon, and I loved them.

8. All Apologies Top ($42): We know it’s weird for a word like “Sorry” to be deemed ’90s, but remember saying soooorrryyyyy with so much attitude to your parents whenever you did something wrong?

9. Ying Yang Leggings ($66): A more subtle approach to your ying-yang love.

10. Bessi Balanced Silk Top ($168): From far away, this just looks like a sweet graphic top. Get closer, and reveal just how balanced you are.

11. Stussy World Tour Pullover ($64): These seems like one of those sweatshirts you could spend an entire holiday break in. Plus, Stussy is legit.

12. Checkered Mock-Neck Top ($10): What!? This top is definitely on the line between heinous and awesome… we’ll let you make that call.

13. UNIF Loser Sweater ($108): And finally, cue up Beck’s Loser and just rock your little skater-sweater-loving heart out.

What old school styles are you thinking about bringing back? Talk to us in the comments below.