Whatever ground mom made in getting us to sit up straight at the dinner table has definitely been undone by our love affair with our laptops, amirite? Now, one anything-but-basic tee promises to pick up where mom left off in its quest to help humankind achieve our perfect posture. For a small investment of $200.

We know, we know, $200 for a t-shirt, what is this, LA? The Up T-Shirt actually comes to us from France (where they call it, ahem, Le Up T-Shirt). Saddened by our slouching society, Parisian company Up Couture set out to make fashion that would function to help the human species present its “most attractive and appealing profile.” We SWEAR it’s not a Kickstarter secretly funded by your mom.

While the Up t-shirt may look like your ordinary everyday cotton basic from the outside it’s anything but in conception and creation. Designer Neda Naef spent years bringing Up to life with German textile companies and French couturières working to find just the right fabric and style to secretly be on slouch patrol. The final design uses an extra-thin resistant film that undergoes a unique double-lamination process with soft organic cotton. Each piece of the shirt is individually laser cut from bonded fabric and, in true couture fashion, sewn and assembled by hand. Check out their official video to take the trip to the North of France and see the impressive process for yourself.

Up, “The T-Shirt which loves you” according to the official site, is fit for a meal with mom. With a patented configuration of elastic bands sewn into the garment in a figure-eight pattern it’ll secretly support your shoulders and become less comfortable when you’re slouching, giving a subtle reminder to straighten up. The special fabric retains 100 percent of its original elasticity over time too to help make it worthy of those 200 smackers. And if the ridiculously good-looking models on their website are any indication of how we’ll look with better posture, we’re inclined to say we’d give it a try.

$200 for a t-shirt isn’t chump change, but we’ve been known to splurge on crazier things in our pursuits of fashion and health. Would you invest in the Up T-Shirt or do you think the concept is just straight up cray?