There are some pranks that are hilarious and some that just go over the line. Making your girlfriend think you fell off the roof as you proposed would be one example and another might be making your husband think he was getting the latest big tech accessory only to gift him an empty box – unless that box isn’t exactly empty but rather concealing a positive pregnancy test.

In a recent Facebook video, Catie Reay from Casper, Wyoming pulled this stunt on her husband, Chad. As she gifted him an early birthday present she made him cover his eyes and said, “This is a gift that’s been hiding in plain sight for awhile. I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together.” She hands him what looks a whole lot like an Apple Watch case. Not surprisingly he gets pretty excited and then slightly confused when he doesn’t find the high-tech wearable in the case. When he realizes it’s a pregnancy test he says, “What?! Are you serious?” and then bursts into the most adorable fit of happy tears that we’ve ever seen.

Seriously though, you should probably get some tissues for yourself before you press play. Congrats to this growing family!

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