Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the March 5 season 22 finale of The Bachelor. Do not read if you have not seen the episode. We repeat: Do not read if you have not seen the episode.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor did not end well. After asking Becca Kufrin to marry him, he reneged on his proposal and admitted he’d made a mistake in sending fellow contestant Lauren Burnham home. But before he broke her heart, however, Luyendyk Jr. gifted Kufrin with a beautiful diamond ring.

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Luyendyk Jr. met with Bachelor-favorite jeweler Neil Lane to choose the ring — a meeting which, looking back, seemed to foreshadow events to come as the bachelor apparently had more than just Kufrin on his mind. Lane told People, “[Luyendyk Jr.] really liked this one ring he felt would be perfect for Becca [Kufrin], but he kept coming back to this other ring, which was completely different, and saying how it would be perfect for this other girl. He was very indecisive and there was a hesitation — and he took the process very, very seriously.”

Luyendyk Jr. apparently took great care in choosing a ring for Kufrin. Lane explained, “He spoke beautifully about Becca and had strong feelings for her and said she was very sweet. He really took great care picking out her ring.” The one he chose, according to People, was a three-carat diamond, which Lane called “very feminine with a gentle look and soft edges.” The piece had his “signature detail under the gallery and lots of little diamonds that make it sparkle. It has a vintage look but with soft and feminine touches.” Business Insider reports that the stunner cost $80,000 — a hefty price for what would only amount to heartbreak.

Lane told People of the fiasco, “Of all the guys I’ve worked with over all these many seasons, Arie was the most intense about the rings, about choosing the right one, and about the whole process. I obviously didn’t put it together at the time or know the extent of what he was thinking, and just how torn he was, but what I could tell for sure? He was totally committed to the process of finding love, of settling down and starting a life with someone. I truly hope that comes true for him.” Hopefully, Luyendyk Jr. has learned to be sure of his decisions going forward.

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