We’ve all had that moment when you find that must-have garment, immediately rock it out in public and then bam, there’s a bump in the road and that delicious cappuccino is now all over your skirt. No problem, you’ll just stick it in the wash… until you read the tag only to realize it’s dry clean only. C’mon, who actually has time to go to the dry cleaners? But don’t panic, the solution doesn’t have to be a wardrobe consisting entirely of waterproof polyester. ASOS and Method, the most colorful cleaning brand around, are here to help.


The two have teamed up on a gorgeous fashion collaboration that’s about to outfit your entire summer. This isn’t exclusive looks the two designed together, but rather a curated collection of ASOS’ clothing that’s been given the Method stamp of approval: the 12 pieces featured are all totally machine washable – a must for those sweaty sun-soaked months.


Following both ASOS and Method’s design aesthetic, the featured pieces are all bright, crisp and clean. In the women’s department, you’ll find things like a rough cut denim jacket, a dip-dyed midi skirt, a ’60s inspired shift dress and a coral colored separates set. And fellas, don’t think you’ve been forgotten. The duo has also put together a monochromatic Hawaiin shirt and a pale blue Harrington jacket for the dudes. All the pieces are kind of begging to be rocked at a music festival or on a beachy vacay or during every summer moment in between.


Most of the curated pieces are currently available and selling out fast, but the entire line featured on ASOS’s tropical themed landing page are set to drop on June 30. If that Lilly Pulitzer + Target line is any indication of how fast a good collaboration can sell out, especially when it’s got a lazy girl stamp of approval, we’re guessing these pieces won’t stay in stock for long.

What is your favorite piece from the line? Share with us in the comments below.