With festival season right around the corner, we know you and your BFFs have been daydreaming about dancing the day away underneath the palm trees while listening to the latest in music. You already have the lineup mapped out, your outfits picked and maybe even a DIY accessory or two you’re saving for the weekend. While a tent and sleeping bag are no-brainers, we’re betting there are a few things you might be forgetting. Scroll on for 17 festival necessities you won’t want to leave behind.



1. Chapstick ($5): After hours spent in the sun, your lips will be crying out for some TLC. Quench your lips with this ultra-smooth chapstick that instantly gives them the hydration they need.


2. Baby Wipes ($15): If you’re having too much fun to hit the showers, there’s no judgment here. Slip a pack of these in your bag for long-lasting freshness.


3. Gold Bond ($9): This will be your life preserver for when your legs and feet need a little loving. You’ll be hopping from stage to stage, so get ready for A LOT of walking.


4. Sunscreen Lotion ($16): Keep your skin protected by using sunscreen that is also loaded with vitamin E. This lotion is paraben-freeand oil-free, so you won’t feel sticky, no matter how hot those temps get.


5. Dry Shampoo ($7): If you’re going no ‘poo for the weekend, meet your new BFF. Use it for all-day volume while keeping those nasty oils away. Snuggle with it at night, if you must. We won’t judge.


6. Bug Spray ($5): Save your skin from all the creepy crawlies out there by spraying yourself down with this insect repellent. It goes on smooth and dries quickly, so you can jump back into the crowd with no insects bugging you.



7. Laundry Bag ($34): Don’t air your dirty laundry to the rest of your friends. Put your dirty clothes in this cute hamper instead.


8. Portable Stove ($130): If you’re camping for the weekend, you know that food — warm food, that is — is important. This gadget not only cooks your food and boils water in minutes, but also it charges your cellphone at the same time. Is your mind blown yet?


9. Cooler ($57): Don’t mess around when it comes to getting a cooler. You’ll need one big enough to hold all your snacks, plus strong insulation to keep the ice cold. Make sure to snag one with wheels so it can keep up with you.


10. Duct Tape: You never know when you might need this. From surprise leaks in your tents to a snapped selfie stick (oh wait, they’re banned!), Duct tape will be there for when you need something easily fixed.


11. First Aid Kit ($33): Be prepared for the unexpected with this first aid kit. Whether someone stepped on your toe in the crowd or you fell to your knees after hearing your fave song (#guilty), this baby is for you.


12. Flashlight ($20): When you need to know where you’re going late at night, use this flashlight to keep you from accidentally wandering into someone else’s camp.


13. Reusable Water Bottle ($30): Don’t waste your money on water bottle after water bottle. Instead, be kind to Mother Nature and keep sipping that H2O by toting this bottle with you everywhere. Just loop it through your belt to hydrate all day long.


14. Beeswax ($13): Let the rain mind its own beeswax by melting this wax all over your shoes. Dry it with a hair dryer, and you’re good to go! Check this tutorial out for a complete guide on how to protect your shoes from the elements.



15. Silk Undercover Bra ($14): Stress less about your money and more about which bands you’re gonna watch. Strap this handy mini wallet around the straps of your bra to secure your debit card and ID, so you can dance the night away and not worry about your belongings.


16. Solar Phone Charger ($79): Let the sun do some work by charging your phone for you. In as little as two hours, you can have a fully charged phone.


17. EarPeace Earplugs ($18): Get these earplugs to hear the music better — seriously. They not only protect your ears from ringing, but they enhance the sound quality as well.

What would you bring to a music festival? Tell us in the comments below!