Laundry sucks. After a long day who wants to come home to washing, drying and folding? But what are you supposed to do when you need that not-so-fresh dress for tonight’s big date? Put down the Febreeze. We have a better solution.

Swash is a new laundry system designed to refresh and rejuvenate your clothes in just 10 minutes. It’s a compact, easily storable machine that removes odor, restores fit, releases wrinkles and ultimately extends the life of your clothes. This is not a joke people! So that skirt that’s not exactly dirty but not exactly clean? Stick it in. That button-down that is a total pain to iron? That too. All those clothes you begrudgingly drag over to the dry cleaners? Those days are over, my friend.

So how does it work? First, pull open the door and arrange your piece of clothing on the hanger (which expands and contracts to work with almost any garment). Next, attach the smoothing clips along the bottom to create just the right amount of tension for maximum wrinkle release. Finally, pop in one of the Tide Swash pod cups and press start.

Inside, the process begins with the Swash pod releasing a light mist, which neutralizes odors and leaves clothes smelling fresh. Then the rapid thermal drying begins, which smooths wrinkles and restores clothes back to the intended fit and shape without shrinking. And voila. Off to that date you go.

Now before you get too excited, be warned, at $499 a pop these magic machines will set you back a pretty penny. It might be hard to justify that price initially, but over time the machine is likely to pay for itself. If you’re using Swash two or three times to freshen up garments before a wash you’re definitely going to see a decrease in your water bill. And on top of that, Swash’s process is much gentler than your standard washing machine – no pilling or fading – so the life expectancy of your clothes is likely to sky rocket.

We’re not saying to ditch the washer and dryer all together. Swash is a fantastic option for those garments that just need a little rejuvenating in between washes. Those clothes you wore on the Mud Run are definitely going to need something a little (or maybe a lot) more intensive.

Would you splurge for something like this? Tell us what you think of this convenient new invention!