You might already be famous for brewing the perfect cup of coffee, and now you can create your own label to really show your devotion to the art. Griindi is making it easy for anyone to design their own labels for the home or office, or for that dream coffee shop you’ve been thinking about opening.

coffee 5

Making the perfect label is simple. First, pick your background. Then, check out the available fonts. The last thing you need to do is type in your name or brand and pick your favorite coffee. Did we mention they also have a dozen different roasts to choose from?

coffee 1
coffee 6

We couldn’t help designing a few of our own. We can smell the coffee brewing already.

coffee 1
coffee 2
coffee 3

If you can’t think of how this would come in handy (say what?!??!), we’ve got a few instances where it would be essential (yes, essential): For example, to show off to overnight guests or as one of the most epic wedding favors of all time or simply as a gift for the coffee lover in your life.

To get your own personalized coffee brand brewing, click over to Griindi’s website. The cost is $29 and your personalized bag of beans will be shipped out two to three days after your designs are complete.

Have you ever dreamed of making your own coffee label before?