So you’ve said yes to the ring and maybe even the dress, but do you know what your besties have in store for you? When it comes to your bachelorette party, you’re gonna want to capture all the crazy good times to look at (and hopefully embarrass each other with) for years to come. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to snap photos, so we’re sharing our 10 fave poses that you won’t want to miss.


1. The Photo Booth: A little effort setting up a backdrop and gathering props for a photo booth produces seriously post-worthy pics. (via Life Is Hard but Never Serious)


2. The Shenanigans: Your bachelorette party will likely be packed with silliness. In addition to all the photos you’ll get of your gang, don’t forget to snap some shots of the crazy moments. (via The Why We Love)


3. The Toast: You’ve gathered around to say a few kind words to the future bride. Commemorate the toast forever by capturing it from this unique angle — this shot may be from the wedding, but surely you’ll toast a few+ times at the party too, no? (via IQ Photo)


4. The Ring: If getting a mani with your ladies is on your bachelorette fiesta to-do list, take a pic to show off those fancy nails. (via True Blu)


5. The Sparkle: Your bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to light some sparklers and catch the candid reactions of your besties. (via Bethany Small Photography)


6. The Decor: Chances are your friends spent a lot of time putting together the amazing decor for your girly bash. Don’t forget to take plenty of pics to savor the memory! (via Jennifer Young Studio)


7. The Mugshots: If your party goes all night, stay up long enough to take a morning-after mugshot. (via Lb Photography)


8. The Coordinated Effort: Your friends are all so different. Purchasing t-shirts for a group party is totally worth it when you gather ’round for a traditional photo you’ll all hold on to forever. (via InkBox)


9. The Personalities: If you’d rather skip the matching tees, gather your besties for a shot that celebrates your deep bond of friendship and appreciation for flirty dresses. (via Jessica Apps Photography)


10. The Celebration: We can practically hear the Britney Spears blasting in the background. Don’t forget to capture the whole reason you’re getting together in the first place. (via Bre Thurston Photography)

What favorite moments do you want to capture at your bachelorette bash? We’d love to hear about them!