The creators of one of our all-time fave DIY blogs, A Beautiful Mess, designed an awesome iPhone app that’s like a party for your pics. We are so super excited about Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s new photo app, Party Party. Inspired by photo booths, this app lets you bring the party along from your very own phone.

This is not your average photo editing app. Instead, it’s a personal photo booth that lets you create cute animations, photo strips and — wait for it — GIFs! Elsie and Emma plan to allow users to import photos in their next update, so stay tuned.

With Party Party, you can create stop motion animations and save them as a looping video (perf for Instagram) or as a GIF (hello, Tumblr!). You can also make photo booth collages and save them as a square (again, perf for IG!) or as strips to print out and hang on your fridge. The app comes with 17 bright, fun filters and allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast. You can also put a frame on it with seven vintage-inspired borders or a simple white border.

The app is only avail for iOS right now (sorry, Android and Microsoft users!), but who knows what the future holds. Party Party costs $1 and is totally worth that buckaroo… we mean, you can make GIFs from your phone, people! On its first day, the app shot straight to the top of the iTunes charts, which says a lot about an app created by bloggers… and bloggers that we love, no less.

This is not Elsie and Emma’s first go in the world of apps. They also have a quirky and fun photo editing self-titled app that they released about a year ago.

While social media is crucial for bloggers, creating a user-friendly app might be the next step for these online media mavens. And really, who better to create apps than the influential peeps who use them the most?

Do you use the Party Party app? Talk to us in the comments and don’t forget to tag your photos with #PartyPartyApp on IG!