We thought we’d follow up yesterday’s celebration of beer with a celebration of bacon! With Valentine’s Day coming right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to give your special someone a gift they can’t resist: the gift of bacon.

1. Bacon Art ($18 and up): Leave it to the creative folks on Society6 and Etsy to turn Ron Swanson’s words into fine art.

2. Bacon + Chocolate Pancake Mix ($13): This one’s been around the block at this point, but it is such a great gift! It’s the ultimate pancake breakfast.

3. Eat More Bacon Pillows ($170): That’s one way to have your cake and eat it too. Each letter is individually handcut and appliquéd by SewEnglish over on Etsy. Pretty awesome (and inspiring for a DIY!).

4. Bacon Love Daily Calendar ($8): Every day you get a delectable recipe or interesting tidbit about the awesomeness of bacon.

5. Old Mountain Bacon Press ($23): Forget simply frying your bacon – press it!

6. Come to the Dark Side, We Have Bacon ($20-$22): This shirt claims that The Force is actually a dietary plan where the Jedi are vegetarians. Bring on the darkness!

7. Bacon Roses (DIY): Turn that heady farm-raised bacon into a dozen gorgeous bacon roses!

8. Tactical Canned Bacon ($20): Heading on an apocalyptic adventure? Arm yourself with a can of bacon! Good for over 10 years and packed with 18 servings, this is a real survival kit.

9. Bacon Duct Tape ($8): Bacon and DIY all rolled into one roll of duct tape? Win.

10. I Love You More Than Bacon ($3): Serious words there.

11. Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale ($13): Now that’s a mouthful, and a delicious one at that. Best paired with doughnuts and pork.

12. Bacon Scarf ($170): Wear your love of bacon right around your neck.

13. Fifty Shades of Bacon ($13): From Christian Gray to chicken to bacon!

14. Bacon Lover’s Broquet ($49): Bacon, bacon, and more bacon! This kit legit has 6 ways for you to get your bacon fill. Bacon jerky, a dark chocolate bacon bar, bacon chocolate chip pancake mix, bacon hot sauce, bacon salt, and bacon peanut brittle. Ham on.

15. Bacon Dog Costume ($17): Self-explanatory.

16. Bacon Frosting ($8): Definitely one we’ll have to try before fully endorsing. One reviewer wrote “Gave me the deliciousness CHILLS!” We’ll take her word for it.

17. Bacon and Beer Cupcakes (recipe): Speaking of bacon showing up on the dessert table, these bacon and beer cupcakes are an instant way to any bacon-lover’s heart.

18. Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Bar ($7): Chocolate and bacon, together at last.

19. Bacon Peanut Brittle ($16 and up): Sir Francis Bacon serving up bacon brittle? Sign us up.

20. Bacon Toothpaste ($5): Definitely more of a gag gift… unless you’re love of bacon has gone to the slightly dark side.

What bacontastic gifts are on your Valentine’s Day wish list this year? Talk to us in the comments below.