With the 49ers on the finish line, we’re gearing up like crazy for the Super Bowl here in SF. And guess what else? Today happens to be National Beer Can Appreciation Day. So, with that holiday and the big game in mind, it’s time to celebrate beer and 21 gadgets, glasses, and holsters that make all those cold ones even more awesome.

1. Beer Can Poster Book + Poster: Since we’ve got beer cans on the brain, we’ll start with this gorgeous poster (and book). Love the look of all those vintage cans.

2. Beer Bands ($8): Wine charms but for beer!

3. Beer Wheel ($7): Have a hard time deciphering all of the different beer styles of the world?

4. Beer Bites Snack Bowl ($13): Perfect for a beer-bottle-themed party?

5. Hopside Down Glass ($17): A great gift for the home brewer.

6. Dog Collar Beer Opener ($32): This is definitely one of the most unconventional bottle openers we’ve ever seen. Goes perfect with Bowser Beer!

7. Beer Diagram ($19): This flowchart takes you through all the different types of beer, from American to Bock.

8. Vintage Neon Beer Sign: How awesome is this? You have to join the auction site to get the price but it would be a great pop piece for a man cave or den.

9. Beer Bottle Bud Vases (DIY): Got a ton of beer bottles lying around after the big game? Turn them into vases!

10. Budweiser Sweater ($50): This exists.

11. Beer – A Cookbook ($12): Foods that are better with beer – sign us up!

12. Intoxicase: We found this gem last week and can’t wait to give it a try. Not only is it an iPhone case that opens your beers, it counts and records them in a corresponding app.

13. Duffy’s Brew Shampoo + Conditioner ($16 each): Leave Pantene and Herbal Essences to the folks who like it fruity. We like our shampoo and conditioner hoppy! :)

14. Beer Holster ($30): Why carry your beer when you can wear it?

15. Beer Buckle ($35): See the question above.

16. Beer Soap: What better way to conclude a week dedicated to beer than with… beer soap?! Scents include Blue Moon, Guinness, Newcastle Brown, PBR, and Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. Pure hoppiness.

17. Asahi Beerbot: Sold out! But so awesome. A robot that carries cold beers, opens them, and pours into a glass when you’re ready.

18. Beer Savers ($4): Gotta make a pizza run and can’t quite chug that Corona? Save it!

19. Can Grips ($11 for 5): A kitschy way to avoid beer-spiration and clammy hands.

20. Duff Beer ($40): Make like Homer and load up on Duff!

21. Beertone: If you happened upon the BritList last week you already saw our ode to Beertone, a color reference guide for beer inspired by Pantone. We love it.

What beer gear do you rock for the Super Bowl? Or all year round? Share fun finds with us in the comments below.