You made it through the first week of classes and now it’s time to reward yourself. How about a pick from our very own Brit + Co Shop?  Whether you’re looking for a healthy mixer or a cool new photo-taking gadget, the shop is stocked with all sorts of amazing and creative finds.  Here are ten of our current bestsellers you won’t want to miss:


1. Photojojo Fisheye Lens ($20): Attach this little lens to your smartphone and instantly start snapping awesome 180° photos.


2. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier – Set of 3 ($33): Add a splash of Ficks to your cocktail and allow the vitamins, electrolytes + antioxidants to keep you hangover-free.


3. DOG MILK Dip Dyed Rope Leash Kit ($29): DIY a stylish ombre rope leash for your pup.


4. Coding 101: Intro to HTML + CSS Class ($20): Learn to code in just 60 minutes with this online class.


5. 2016 Historical Women’s Desks Calendar ($16): Stay up-to-date + inspired with this desk calendar.


6. Wide Angle/Macro Lens ($20): This nifty smartphone gadget is actually two lenses in one, so now you can capture everything both big and small.


7. Sorry I’m Gluten Free T-Shirt ($24): Alert your hostess of your dietary restrictions with this tell-all tee.


8. Vale Beaded Bracelet ($14): Add the perfect splash of color to your outfit with this pretty double-sided bracelet.


9. Good Grammar is Sexy Tote ($18): We’re just being honest.


10. Lil Whirl Mid Ring ($18): This delicate mid ring is adjustable to fit all fingers.

Get these goodies while they’re hot!

What’s your fave purchase you’ve made in the B+C Shop? Let us know in the comments.