Adulting Discovery #1 — House parties aren’t all red cups and Jungle Juice anymore. There are snack tables at these parties, and someone even brought a healthy homemade dish to share. And you, an extra special lovely friend, are bringing a housewarming gift! Now before you groan and go — ugghhh, no one wants another damn candlehold up! This DIY is all grown up but still a ton of fun — a trendy pom-pom-adorned version of our Make A Macrame Planter Kit (get ‘em at Target!) that brightens up the room and says, “Yeah, I’m an adult now. I can keep plants alive.”

To make one of your very own (to keep OR gift), go ahead and grab a Make A Macrame Planter Kit from Target and a bunch of colorful yarn, and scroll down for the how-to!

Pick out a few skeins of yarn (you do NOT need anywhere near this much — a normal sized skein will do), and let’s get going.

Kit Materials:

– Ceramic planter

– Magenta jersey fabric

– Ceiling hook

– Fabric scissors

– Instructions

Additional Materials:

– Yarn in assorted colors

Pom-pom 101: If you’re already well-versed in the art of poms, go ahead and scroll to the end to see how we attached them to the planter.

If you’re a first-time pom maker, first wrap one color of yarn around two fingers until it forms a large bundle. If you’d like to add another color, wrap it around the bundle several more times until it looks like the top right image. Remove the bundle from your fingers and tie a 10-inch piece of yarn around the middle, making sure to tie it as tight as possible.

Now it’s time to give this bad boy a haircut! Take your fabric scissors and snip the looped ends of your yarn bundle. Then trim, fluff up the pom-pom by rolling it in your hands, and trim again until you get an even and round pom-pom.

Make a few more in a variety of colors and set aside.

Follow the kit instructions to make your macrame planter and then tightly tie your pom poms onto a couple strips of the jersey fabric so that they are secure.

Stick a nice green plant in your new macrame creation and you’re done! These viney guys work well because they can grow in and around the jersey strips.

Gift one of these beauties to a friend for a housewarming and achieve ultimate grown-up status!

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Production + Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Chris Andre