Spring break. Remember those days? What? You never made it to Daytona Beach or Cancun and you just hung out TV side soaking up the rays via MTV Spring Break? That’s okay, because those days are long gone for us. But what spring break still does is remind us that warmer days are coming, which in turn spurs one epic shopping spree for whatever 2014 beach style we’re willing to rock. And since we aren’t quite in beach-bod shape yet, let’s start with towels. They’re a little more forgiving than itty bitty teeny weeny bikinis.

1. Mara Hoffman Rays ($78): If you love prints and color as much as you love the sand and the sun, you’ve met your match.

2. Ethiopian Beach Towel ($69): Ethiopian cotton is the new Egyptian cotton. What’s more? It’s crazy absorbent. But probably even more interesting is that these particular towels are hand woven in Ethiopia under fair-trade conditions and your purchase supports the economic independence and livelihood of the women making them. Take that thought with you to the beach and you better believe you’ll be basking in the rays and good vibrations.

3. Nine Space Geo ($64): Yeah, so what? You like attention. Is that a bad thing?

4. Wild Fox Best Friend ($188): You’re not beach bumming it all by your lonesome, are you? No. Your bestie is right there next to you, on the same towel, covered head to toe in the same SPF 80.

5. Busy Tanning ($11): Sassy yet sweet, it’s kind of the perfect combination.

6. Jaguar Hide ($225): This towel is ridiculous, in both styling and pricing.

7. The Kiss ($150): Considering this beach towel is the first collaboration between Jac + Jack and Dinosaur Designs and they named it “The Kiss,” we’re assuming the partnership worked out well, and we’re hoping to see more tag teaming from them in the future.

8. Leave Me Alone ($11): We don’t mean to be rude, but sometimes, when you’re soaking in the sun and nose deep in your Kindle, you just don’t really wanna talk. Cue Monica’s “Just One of Them Days.” (Plus, it’s surrounded by hearts, so that makes it nice, right?)

9. Ikat Stripe ($24): We really wish Pottery Barn would stop categorizing their items as “adult,” “teen,” “kids” and “baby,” because we find ourselves in the “teen” section more often than we’d like to talk about. Hi, arrested development.

10. Put the Love in the Coconut ($71): If you’re not familiar with Rachel Castle, make yourself familiar. All of her things are tutti-fruity lovely.

11. Kas Cleo ($28): On the beach, on a towel rack, around your bod or on your head, this towel looks good everywhere.

12. Mara Hoffman Shakti ($78): Our ‘90s-loving minds are blown. Is this a Bill Cosby sweater or just the best towel on the planet?

13. Scotch Shrunk ($69): A towel that folds up into itself — we need to hack this ASAP.

14. Surf Bandana ($58): We love it when we learn new things about one of our favorite brands. And here’s what we recently learned about Pendleton. Back in the ‘50s, California surfers would wear their bandana shirts while riding the waves. Who knew?

What are you wrapping up in after a swim? Lay out your comments below.