Just because the 4th of July is over doesn’t mean you have to start boohooing over your lack of days off. It’s almost back to being the weekend, and most of you probably took or got today off anyway! Arm yourself with one of these stylish towels for all your beach adventures and you’ll be the coolest cat on the sand – it’s a shore thing ;)

1. Pendleton Coyoacan Towel ($49): Before we get to this towel, was our “shore thing” the worst pun ever? Even if it was, how could we resist including it once we thought of it? Oh yeah, and this towel is lovely.

2. Pixelated Stripes ($8): Pixelated anything is a win at Brit + Co. Target agrees.

3. Rainbow Stripe Beach Towel ($80): More stripes! This time, the vibe is much more romantic, bohemian, and seems like it’s from a faraway land.

4. Geometric Green Towel ($11): This totally reminds us of a few of the geometric patterned comforters and duvet covers we recently discovered.

5. Pendleton North Star Towel ($49): It’s no secret that we love pretty much everything Pendleton churns out. In fact, I’ve been using the same Pendleton purse every day for almost 3 years, ever since I picked it up in the Grand Canyon gift shop!

6. One Hot Beach ($32): Love it. Live it.

7. Laid Back Beach Blanket ($46): This jumbo beach blanket is perfect for two, and rolls up into a handy carrying case.

8. Ombre Beach Towel ($20): I’m not sure we’ve ever done a roundup that doesn’t include something ombre, and we’re down to keep rocking it.

9. Reserved (£14.99): No seat is really taken on the beach, but you can pretend to roll VIP style with help from this cheeky towel.

10. Barry Beach Towel ($32): Another geometric pattern on the scene, this was designed by artist Barry McGee.

11. Striped Beach Towel ($14): You can always go for the straightforward nautical look.

12. Beach Blue Medallion Towel ($15): We love the bold mandala-like patterns on this aquatic number.

13. Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale ($32): Which brings us to the happy hour section of this towel roundup. Who doesn’t love a summer ale?

14. Beer O’Clock ($85): And finally, it’s beer o’clock. Get off your phone or computer and go enjoy the weekend ahead!

What are your go-to stores online for linens and such? Tell us in the comments below.