We could pretend that whiskers are only something big, brawny men have to deal with, but we wouldn’t want to lie to you like that. Oh, you know what we mean. With Movember upon us, all the men of the world will be growing out their mustaches, and the women of the world will continue to deny they ever had them. To celebrate No Shave November, we’ve come up with several fantastic products for the men in your life — and a few for you, too. (Oh, and don’t forget to donate.)

For the Gents

1. DIY Beard Oil: These dear bloggers made some beard oil for their men, and the reviews from the fellas are in. One said, “It makes me feel like a powerful goddamn business man who puts on suits and writes novels and quaffs wine.” And another, “When I use it, I feel like the angel Gabriel is keeping watch over the moisture of my beard.” (via Flock of Broads)

2. Wooden Whiskers Comb ($12): For the guy on the go, this wooden comb has the coolest little laser-cut details. We almost want one for ourselves.

3. Bergamot Aftershave Splash ($10): Get your best Kevin McCallister face ready. This aftershave is on sale and comes in a nice, manly flask.

4. Remington All-In-One Mustache, Beard + Stubble Trimmer ($30): According to Men’s Health, this is the trimmer to take care of just about any kind of facial fuzz. Keep it at the ready for December 1st.

5. Honest Amish Beard Balm ($16): This is leave-in conditioner for your face.

6. The Art of Shaving Kit ($25): A starter kit for guys who need all the right things just in time for Movember.

7. Boar Bristle Shaving Brush ($19): You can buy super fancy, expensive shaving brushes, but we have faith this C.O. Bigelow boar bristle brush will do the trick for a lot less.

8. Beard Pack ($40): Need a gift for your Movember guy? Try this set of beard oil, mustache wax and whisker wash.

9. Neroli Post-Shave Lotion ($49): Aesop is one of our favorite skin care brands and this shave lotion looks (and smells) magnificent. We think it’ll be okay if you borrow it…

10. Burroughs Beard Oil ($28): Why are we such suckers for good packaging? Luckily, this blend of kukui oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and argan oil lives up to its exterior.

11. DIY Shaving Soap: This blogger made some natural shaving soap for her little brothers, and they approved of her moisturizing mix of oils, shea butter and honey. (via Coffee + Corduroy)

For the Ladies

1. R.E.M. Spring ($20): Not too many people have heard of this little gadget, but it has a cult following among the beauty blogger community. It works in a similar way to threading, but the great thing is it’s easy to do yourself and perfect for getting rid of those pesky peach fuzz mustaches. (via She)

2. Tweezerman Tweezers ($20): Don’t be fooled by the (awesome) tiger print. These are such solid tweezers that you will probably never have to buy another pair. In fact, we’ll risk overusing the word “literally” to tell you that these are literally the best tweezers in the land.

3. Turmeric + Milk Paste: This DIY has been used forever in India. Mix turmeric and milk into a paste and apply to your upper lip regularly, and it may slow or even stop hair growth eventually. Just remember to change out of your favorite outfit first, since turmeric stains. It may also leave your upper lip a bit yellow for an hour or two, but if that means no more waxing ever, we’re in. (via Feminiya)

4. Shaveworks Cool Fix Rollerball ($21): Nobody loves that burning feeling right after you tweeze or wax, and this rollerball is a super convenient way to soothe those areas quickly.

5. Natural Hair Removal Mask: When your sideburns are going all Wolverine on you, whip up this easy mask and let nature do the trick. Part two of this video series goes over at-home eyebrow threading. (via Himani Wright)

Have you mastered your facial hair? Let us know how in the comments!