It’s that magical time of the year when mustaches reign supreme: Mo’vember! And it seems that mustache lovers everywhere are as pumped as ever to celebrate this month-long event, including those who can’t grow one! Ladies, get in on the fun with these 20 quirky ways to rock the ‘stache: from mustache-patterned totes to handlebar-shaped cookie cutters.

1. Moustache Pillowcase Set ($20): Sleep well knowing that a mustache is close by. Plus, since these pillowcases really only make sense as a pair, it’s a sure fire way to keep your bed tidy!

2. Peeping Notebook ($7): Besides perfectly distressed jeans, what have you ever wanted to buy with a hole in it? Well, looks like you can add “adorable peeping notebook” to your list.

3. Top Hat Mustache Necklace ($12): If you’ve seen one mustache necklace, you’ve seen ‘em all…at least that’s what we thought until we stumbled upon this dashing number. Equipped with a top hat, this dapper ‘stache charm is a perfect accessory for any party outfit.

4. Yumi Blouse With Moustache Print ($45): Speaking of party attire (we’ve recently been ogling perfect holiday party dresses and shoes), we love the more casual option of this flowy mustachioed blouse. Decked out with cute illustrations of bows, top hats, and of course, mustaches, this blouse is perfect fit for quirky girls.

5. Mustache Hangers ($24): A waxed mustache as a hanger? Genius! We love this whimsical detail that helps to make every aspect of your home a bit more special.

6. Mustache Bandages ($7): These bandages prove that even adults get wacky in the first aid department. Kookie cover ups include bacon bandages, as well as this hairy trio.

7. Mustache Mania Tote ($22): We’re obsessed with each and every pattern on this mustache tote. If you’re as into this design as we are, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in many forms—from prints and stationery to tees and throw pillow cases.

8. Tatty Devine Moustache Ring ($18): This plastic mustache ring is one of the coolest we’ve seen. Its bold opaque design makes it a real standout accessory.

9. Mustache Nail Wraps ($8): We wrote about these cheeky nail wraps before, but just had to bring them back for this ‘stache-tastic roundup. This is definitely the trendiest way to rock a mustache.

10. Mustache Marquee ($229): You can rest easy now that you know someone out there makes a marquee in the shape of a mustache.

11. Pamela Mann Moustache Tights ($17): We’re loving this super girly way to incorporate the mustache graphic into your wardrobe. These tights would make a perfect stocking stuffer, don’t you think?

12. Mustache iPhone Case ($16): Still got an old iPhone? Make your tech-forward friends jealous with this amazingly stylish smartphone case that’s compatible with an iPhone 4. Just look at those colors and patterns!

13. Moustache Snood: ($6): Snoods tie for the coziest and most ridiculously named accessory of the season. This model’s expression looks like she’s heard the word “snood” for the very first time.

14. Asos Leather Moustache Finger Print Gloves ($32): At first, this looks like your standard pair of chic leather gloves. But look closely: the inside of each finger is adorned with a different shaped mustache. Surprise!

15. Mustache Coasters ($10): Whether you’re looking for a cute coaster to buy or DIY, let these serve as playful inspiration. It makes you think what other round shapes could be updated with a dangling ‘stache. Our first two tries would be a wall clock and the circles on a Twister mat.

16. Giant Mustache Magnet ($9): Is your fridge looking a little too clean cut for your taste? Scruff it up with a giant mustache magnet. Problem, solved.

17. Playful Spiked Mustache Sweater ($25): This bold mustache trio is made even edgier with sharp black studs. Maybe not the most kissable as facial hair goes, but certainly stylish!

18. Mustachioed Pistachio Flat ($33): If true gentlemen don a mustache, then a real lady wouldn’t be caught without her pair of mustachioed loungewear. That definitely includes these terrific teal slipper flats.

19. Mustache Cookie Cutters ($10): You have include this creative cookie cutter set in your holiday cookie decorating party. Then amp up that handlebar-shaped sugar cookie with a dusting of gold glitter or frost it with red and white candy cane stripes!

20. Moustache Theme Stemless Wine Glasses ($35): The mustache mug gets an upscale makeover with these stemless wine glasses. You stay classy, mustache lovers.

Do you partake in Mo’vember celebrations? Or are your mustached-obsessed all year round? Even if you’re over the graphic mustache trend, chime in the convo in the comments below!