We’re kickin’ it old school beauty with this one. Vaseline. That’s right. Straight. Simple. To the point. Remember the good old days, when mom would pull it out from under the sink and use it for who knows what? It was that ultimate mystery product. We never really knew what it was for but she taught us that no house should be without it. Well, guess what? Mom was right once again. Here are the 12 reasons you should have your very own stash of Vaseline under the sink for those just-in-case moments.

1. Long Beautiful Eyelashes: Wish those lashes were longer? Stronger? Thicker? No problem. Gently rub some Vaseline each night on lashes in need of a little oomph and watch them grow! (via Style Craze)

2. Dewy Glow: Not everyone can wake up with perfectly dewy skin. For those of us that need a hand getting our glow on, you know what to do. Dab some on those focal points and let Vaseline do the rest. (via InStyle)

3. Perfect Polish: Giving yourself a mani is no easy feat. You’re always twisting and turning, trying to achieve perfection. Vaseline is kind enough to cut us some slack. Apply some around your nail bed and watch those imperfections disappear. (via Michelle Phan)

4. Lipstick-Free Teeth: Not everyone’s got time to stick their index finger in their mouth. To all you lovelies who thought that was the only way to have lipstick-free teeth, think again! A little Vaseline and you’re ready for that closeup! (via Latina)

5. Makeup Removal: Number one makeup removal rule: Be gentle with the eye area. Hands down. So why not make use of your new beauty bestie and let it help you swipe that eye makeup right off? (via Top Inspired)

6. Perfect Brows: If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably woken up with some unruly eyebrows from time to time. No better way to wrangle them than with a dab of Vaseline. Go ahead and show em who’s brow boss. (via Marie Claire)

7. Remove Lash Glue: Remember those lashes you put on the other day? Don’t lose precious moments playing tug-o-war — rub some Vaseline on with a cotton swab and call it a day. Your eyes will thank you for it. (via Bella Sugar)

8. Save Your Cuticles: Under-appreciated and overlooked, our cuticles are in need of a little TLC, which is why we have taken an oath to slather them with some Vaseline each night before bed to let them know just how much we care. (via Good Housekeeping)

9. Touch Up Split Ends: Split ends? What split ends? (Huhum. Right, ladies?) Keep your tresses in shape between trims with a touch of Vaseline. You’ll never be accused of such unruliness again. (via The Glitter Guide)

10. Nail Polish Saver: Nothing gets under our skin like going for our favorite mani-pedi color only to feel like we’re arm wrestling the Hulk. Your battle is over, ladies. Put a little dab of Vaseline under the cap and watch that top unravel. Triumph is yours. (via Marie Clarie)

11. Knee + Elbow Care: Body parts plus scaly skin never equal a good outcome. Keep those notoriously rough patches as smooth as can be with a smidge of Vaseline each night before bed. You’ll soon find yourself tempting people to touch your elbows. (via Latina)

12. Soothe Cracked Heels: No more cringing when your beau offers you a foot massage, or hiding your duckies under that long skirt. Vaseline and a pair of soft socks will make sure you never see cracked heels again. (via Become Gorgeous)

What’s your favorite old school way to use Vaseline? Share your tips below!