So your everyday beauty routine includes skincare and makeup, but do you ever regularly turn your attention to beautifying your brows? ‘Casue if you think there’s not much more to it than prudent plucking—guess again. These 10 eyebrow tutorials will introduce you to the wonderful world of wow-worthy brows.

1. Beauty 101: Brows: We’ll start things off by having your favorite beauty bloggers, The Beauty Department, school us on brow basics. Get these steps down pact and to maximize the slimming effects your brows can have on your face. (via The Beauty Department)

2. Easy Bold Eyebrows: The bold eyebrow is so in, and now anyone can rock the trend thanks to this tutorial. Learn to max out your sparse brows with vegetable dye (it’s easier than it sounds) and how to enhance naturally full brows. (via Refinery29)

3. Runway-Ready Brows: The first step to getting runway-ready brows is to backcomb them with eyebrow wax. Who would have thought that something so un-glamorous would be key to achieving such a stunning shape? The result is a natural, freshly-washed look. (via Garance Dore)

4. Natural Brow Tutorial: Give your brows just a bit of polish with this natural beauty tutorial. Pluck, trace, and fill are the basic steps to achieving this effortless look, which helps to enhance the goods you already got! (via Oncewed)

5. Vintage Brows: Channel your inner Hollywood starlet with these vintage vixen eyebrows. Arch definition is the secret to this classic 40s shape, which boasts a slim, yet dramatic curve. (via Elegant Musings)

6. Pinup Girl Eyebrows: This roundup’s about to get real sassy thanks to this pinup girl eyebrow DIY. Use a matte shadow to achieve this unapologetically show-stopping look. (via Pinup Girl Style)

7. Eyebrow Enhancer: Promote healthy eyebrow growth with this amazingly simple brow tutorial. Brush castor oil (the secret ingredient) on your brows—and even lashes—after your normal end-of-day beauty routine. Don’t they look better already? ;) (via The Beauty Department)

8. Bushy Brow Routine: And now for the opposite kind of maintenance: taming your bushy brows! This two-part day/night system nourishes and keeps each piece in place. Still acting up? This blogger sets hers straight with hairspray! (via Lily Pebbles)

9. Quick Fill-In: Learn to fill in thin eyebrows like an expert with this video tutorial. Small, angular brushes help to enhance precision, and be sure to use a gel-shadow combo to ensure they stay in place! (via Howcast)

10. How to Brow: Three Ways: So now that you’re a pro on brow maintenance, let’s have some fun playing with shapes! YouTube sensation Michelle Phan gives us three different looks to try: classic like Audrey Hepburn, effortless like Natalie Portman, and smoldering like Angelina Jolie. Which brow look would you rock on the regular? (via Michelle Phan)

Do you upkeep your eyebrows? What does your routine look like? Tell us about it in the comments below!