Mom taught us all the important lessons, like ABCs and manners and how to whip up the secret family dishes. She helped us navigate the choppy waters of first bras and first mascara applications. Mom taught us a thing or two about multi-tasking and is still just a text or call away when we need guidance as adults or (gulp) moms now, too. But they weren’t the only ones guiding our journey from girl to woman — when Mom had her hands full (see: multi-tasking), we had some help from our other maternal figures, TV Moms. It’s time to give them a shout out and laud the important life lessons they bestowed upon us…

Lucille Bluth made us remember to think before we speak.

Before there was leaning in, there was Clair Huxtable’s no nonsense, tough-and-tender approach to having it all. Mom of five, a partner at her firm and loving partner at home to a well-sweatered man, she’s still the woman we want to be. Plus, her schooling of daughter’s BF Elvin is a feminist monologue worth rewatching and reposting on Facebook.

Roseanne taught us it was okay to laugh with our mouths full.

Jill Taylor showed us how to roll with the fellas. Perm or no perm.

Nancy Botwin was a business woman who showed us what strength as a single parent looked like.

Cindy Walsh showed us how to make anyone feel at home (literally).

Lorelai Gilmore taught us a thing or two about perspective. And the importance of coffee.

We credit Sophia Petrillo with making us the storytellers we are today. Picture it

Marge Simpson was (and still is!) the ultimate voice of reason working to keep us sane.

Peggy Bundy demonstrated how to be fearless — specifically when rocking animal prints or big hair.

Kitty Forman offered up a DIY spin on “just saying no” that we still employ today.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms — on Hulu and beyond!

Who was your favorite sitcom or TV mom of yesterday and today? Which one reminds you of YOUR mom? Share below!