We’ve all had the too-good-to-be true dream: Your phone alarm sounds, you roll out of bed, and just like that you’ve got perfectly tousled hair. Ugh, so not Miss Bedhead. But unruly ‘dos don’t always have to win — step AWAY from the beanies, bowlers and baseball caps!

Tons Of Ideas: Hairstyles

All your hair needs is a bit of a reboot with some near effortless styling that results in an equally effortless look. These 20 hair hacks make messy look SO pretty that you might just convince your pals that you woke up like dis.

1. Messy High Bun: We’re seriously swooning over this tousled high bun, which itself is pretty much just tossed on top of the head. What really makes this style special are the loose layer of hair curled to crimpy perfection. (via Barefoot Blonde)

2. Loose Braid: Tight crown braids, meet your lazy match. Simply Dutch braid both sides of your center-parted hair to achieve this ultra dreamy look. (via The Rancher’s Daughter)

3. Twisted Bun Headband: First, there were hair bows. Now get ready for a hair headband made out of tiny twisted buns. It’s a must-try ‘do for ladies with bangs. (via Merrythought)

4. Center Twist Bun: A center part never looked so chic! This pretty messy masterpiece is perfection from pomp to twisted pony. (via Twist Me Pretty)

5. Braided Chignon: This chignon is as easy as twist and tuck! We love how two thin side braids give boho flair to this effortless ‘do. (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Faux Fringe Hair: Long bangs are iconic as far as pretty messy hairstyles go, and now you can try the look even without fringe! Just pull your hair up into a high pony, fan your ends toward your face, and cinch with a silky scarf. (via …love Maegan)

7. Three Twisted Buns: There’s no more easygoing look than the low bun — learn how to glam up that hair basic by twisting your locks before you pin it in place. (via Cup of Jo)

8. Feathered Hair: Use a flatiron to create beautiful bends in your hair that mimic the feathered locks of ‘70s babes, but in a totally modern way. (via Brit + Co.)

9. Messy Wrap Bun for Long Hair: Long-haired ladies: We know that tossing your hair up into a high bun isn’t as easy as it sounds (it’s a matter of time before you feel gravity take over up there), but we found a foolproof tutorial right here. The key? Pull your hair into a flip bun first, then read on for the rest. (via Sitting in Our Tree)

10. Maiden Twists: How about this for pretty rebellion: DON’T put up your maiden twist ‘do (take that, Heidi!) The result is a rustic hair headband that we can’t wait to try ourselves. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Messy Side Pony: Confession: we still rock the side pony on a weekly basis. And like almost everything else from the ‘90s, it’s making a comeback in a totally chic way. Ease back into this hair routine by teasing your hair before you sweep it to the side. (via Cup of Jo)

12. Faux Bob: This might be the most easy-glam hair hack of all: the faux bob. We know, it looks SO elegant, right? But it’s yet another curl, tease and tuck — we highly suggest mastering those three steps! (via Brit + Co.)

13. Beachy Waves That Actually Stay: The trick to long-lasting beachy curls? Use a flatiron! Once you get the technique down, you can perfect this wind-swept look in just five minutes, which is probably the most manageable prep time for a day-long ‘do. (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Dry Shampoo Hair: Day old hair, don’t care? Then you must be a dry shampoo advocate. The easy-to-make powder soaks up excess oil from your scalp and leaves your hair looking super healthy. Sometimes, it’s the only styling ingredient you need! (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Textured French Twist: Now THIS is the look to own this spring wedding season. It’s a high-class style that will work with nearly any semi-formal dress. (via Twist Me Pretty)

16. Messy Braid: We’re fishtail braid obsessed here at Brit HQ, so we’re all over this tutorial that shows you how to tease your hair into this tight braid. It’s a must-try look for festival season. (via A Beautiful Mess)

17. The Two Minute Tuck: Only have two minutes in the morning? Then this is the pretty messy ‘do for you! Tease, roll, tuck and pin — then grab your coffee and go, girl! (via Love Aesthetics)

18. Sexy Messy Ponytail: Forget pretty messy, this teased ponytail is freaking fierce! Crisscross your hair over the rest so that the end look (which is secured with an elastic tie) appears completely effortless. (via Cosmopolitan)

19. Yarn Messy Bun: Here’s one of our favorite ways to amp up your messy bun: with fabric! This blogger uses yarn here — though you can use ribbon or lace too — just weave it into your pony before you twist it up. (via A Beautiful Mess)

20. Bedroom Bombshell: OMG! These bouncy bombshell locks might be the ultimate I Woke Up Like This look. You just can’t avoid the va-va-voom. (via Refinery29)

Which pretty messy hairstyle would you wear? Which tutorials were your fave? Tell us in the comments below.